Chapter 434: Open His Heart

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After disguising herself, Su Bei looked very different from her usual appearance.

Not many people could recognize Lu Heting either, so the family of four did not stand out—especially since it was nighttime.

With Gun Gun, the enthusiastic little prince, wanting to go on all the rides, the four of them were very happy.

It was also at this time that HU responded to Sun Man, telling her to rest well.
They also said there was no need for her to attend the next show and her health was the most important thing.

The outside world might not have understood the meaning behind HU’s statement, but Sun Man quickly understood.
It meant that HU no longer wanted her for their next runway show!

How did it turn out like this?

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She immediately asked her agent and assistant to ask Mr.
Walter why such a situation had occurred.

The other party was very perfunctory with his reply.
“Miss Sun is sick.
She should rest well and not take on any work.
We respect everyone’s rights.”

“But we’re willing to join the next runway show.
By then, Sun Man’s condition will be better,” her agent argued for Sun Man.

“Unfortunately, HU won’t be working with Sun Man anymore.”

“Why?” the agent asked.

HU’s person in charge replied, “We think Miss Sun should be well aware of this.”

Hearing this reply, Sun Man and her manager were very unhappy.

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Clearly, this was not the usual attitude a brand would have toward talents.

Of course, Sun Man was not willing to take this loss in silence.
She stepped forward and questioned HU in public about why they canceled her next show with them.

She could not participate in the last show because she was sick.
She had submitted a proper leave application according to the procedures as well.
HU had no reason to replace her unless someone else had snatched her job.

Another wave of uproar followed.

Although the matter had nothing to do with Su Bei, there were still people who linked it to Su Bei.

Especially Sun Man’s fans, who were so noisy that they immediately began questioning HU.

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“Does HU intend to give Su Bei the job this time? Is that why?”

“Sun Man was sick the last time and asked for leave.
Now that she’s recovered, why is HU still doing this?”

“And you guys still say that Su Bei didn’t snatch her job.
Isn’t this clear proof? Isn’t this a slap in the face? She has snatched Sun Man’s jobs twice now.
This time, she snatched it openly.
Tsk tsk tsk.”

“Paper can’t put out a fire.
This is all happening too fast.
HU and Su Bei have revealed their true nature.”

“HU and Su Bei colluded together! I’ll never buy HU’s wristwatch again! It’s best if you get out of S Nation and don’t come for our money!”

Su Bei was once again dragged into the mess and received a harsh scolding from Sun Man’s fans.

After Lu Heting got off the roller coaster with Su Bei, he took out his phone and looked at the situation online.

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He knew that HU was probably going to use the evidence he had sent to them.

Su Bei took Lu Heting’s phone away and said, “Lu Heting, you said it yourself.
We’re not allowed to use our phones and we’re not allowed to handle work matters.
You have to focus on having fun.
I’m confiscating your phone.”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Lu Heting smiled and picked up Gun Gun and Da Bao.
“Let’s ride the drop tower.”

Da Bao never liked being carried, especially by Lu Heting.
He always felt uncomfortable.

However, Gun Gun was laughing very happily.
Lu Heting was also very engrossed in these childish rides.
This made Da Bao gradually open his heart… It seemed that playing with them was not so bad?

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