t you join our show. ”

Cai Anying said anxiously, ”I can do it! Why can't I? Didn't I manage to put it on? ”

She did manage to put it on, but it did not look good at all.

The designer and show director shook their heads.
”We're really sorry.
We don't have a contract, so please… ”

”I look exactly like Su Bei so what's wrong?! ” Cai Anying yelled.

The designer and show director complained in their hearts.
When they looked at photos, the two indeed resembled each other very much.
When the lighting was right, they also looked similar.

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However, the real Su Bei was standing behind Cai Anying.
Her elegant aura, the natural lines on her face, and her starry eyes made Cai Anying look like a complete fake.

Cai Anying turned around and met Su Bei's gaze.

She could not accept this.

Su Bei smiled tactfully.
Her red lips were moist and curled into a perfect and natural smile.
”I don't mind walking one more time. ”

The designer and show director's eyes lit up.
”Yes, you're welcome to! ”

Su Bei extended her wrist and the staff immediately brought out the wristwatch.
They took off the extended strap and put on the watch on Su Bei's wrist.

Her wrist was fair, and the shape of her arm was beautiful.
She raised her wrist, the luxurious color of her wristwatch complementing her perfectly.

Even if Cai Anying did not understand, at this moment, she felt ashamed of herself.

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She took a few steps back.

Su Huixian was thinking of a draft and planning to post it on a marketing account when Cai Anying ran out.

”Why? Are you nervous about the show? ”

”I can't do it anymore.
Su Bei snatched it away. ”

”What?! ” Su Huixian was furious!

Why was Su Bei snatching everything?!

She immediately brought Cai Anying backstage.
Unfortunately, the backstage was closed off and no one was allowed to enter.

It was because the show was about to begin.

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