t similar to Su Bei's.
Then, they contacted a plastic surgeon and arranged for her to undergo an operation.

Song Ruinian still remembered the humiliation he suffered at Su Bei's hands.
Su Huixian also remembered how much humiliation Su Bei had caused her before she left.

They had long thought about getting a model who could compete with Su Bei for resources.

Now was the best time.

After Su Huixian received the Du family's investment in Qian Yu Entertainment Company, she had the right to speak just like a shareholder.
She had to make a comeback in this battle!

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Soon, Qian Yu Entertainment Company introduced a model named Cai Anying.

Through an exclusive show, she stood on stage with Su Huixian.

During the show that night, the lights were dim and the clothes were dazzling.
The audience and reporters sitting below the stage could not distinguish her from Su Bei at all.

She had a good figure, and she looked very similar to Su Bei.

Her figure and appearance were really excellent.

The reporters quickly put out news about her and audience members also spread it by word of mouth.
This was a character that was about to be on par with Su Bei!

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Cai Anying had just debuted but she already won several small endorsements that were supposed to be Su Bei's.

It was obvious that Cai Anying wanted to take advantage of Su Bei's popularity.
Those small brands also had such plans.

Lv Shan called Su Bei.
”Su Xiaobei, are you just going to watch Cai Anying snatch all the things that should belong to you? ”

”Lv Shan, this is not robbery.
I didn't want those things in the first place. ”

”But not only is Cai Anying picking up the things that you don't want but she also posted a statement saying that she'll win you in terms of appearance.
Are you going to let her do whatever she wants? ”

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