Chapter 410: Against My Common Knowledge

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Anyway, Gang Gang’s father did not know who Lu Heting was.
He just felt that Lu Heting was not someone to be trifled with.

After hearing Su Bei’s words, Lu Heting said, “Apologize!”

Gang Gang’s father had no choice but to step forward and say, “I’m sorry.
I shouldn’t have made such a joke.”

“It wasn’t a joke.
This is bullying.
Please be mindful and learn to distinguish between these two,” Su Bei corrected him and said.

“I’m sorry.
I won’t dare to bully Su Zhuoqian again.”

“That’s more like it..
It’s best if you don’t let me hear of such instances again,” Su Bei said.

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Gang Gang touched his bottom that had hit the floor.
Bullying? He was the one who was bullied.

Su Bei smiled and said to the other students, “Everyone, from now on, you and Su Zhuoqian will be schoolmates.
You must care for each other and lend a helping hand if a situation arises.”

She was already good-looking, and today, she was especially gentle.
Who would not like her?

Seeing her smile and how protective she was of Su Zhuoqian, the other students all nodded.
“Okay, I want to be friends with Su Zhuoqian.”

“Me too.”

“Me too!”

The others parents also liked Su Zhuoqian’s parents more now and scorned Gang Gang’s parents.
Who would want their child to be friends with a son from such a horrible family?

Su Bei lowered her head and whispered into Da Bao’s ear, “Da Bao, you’re very popular.”

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Da Bao blushed awkwardly.

Teacher Pan walked in and said, “Everyone, those who have passed the third grade exam, please report to the third grade.
Su Zhuoqian, congratulations on passing the fifth grade exam.
Please follow me to the fifth grade.”

The family of three followed Teacher Pan.

In an instant, Gang Gang and his parents were petrified.
Su Zhuoqian had taken the fifth grade exam and he passed! In other words, Su Zhuoqian’s physical strength, intelligence, and ability completely defeated the eight-year-old Gang Gang!

Therefore, Gang Gang had asked for that beating up just now! He had asked to be humiliated!

Everyone else was surprised and impressed when they heard that Da Bao got into the fifth grade.

It turned out that he did not give up on the exam but went to a higher level.

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God! This really changed their perspective of four-year-olds.

However, it was that married couple who brought up the child.
It was not surprising that their child turned out to be so excellent.

After registering, Da Bao walked out with Lu Heting and Su Bei.

Su Bei softly told Lu Heting about how Da Bao had kicked the other male student with his leg.
Lu Heting was worried that Da Bao’s leg was hurting, so he picked him up and walked toward the school gate.

Da Bao’s ears turned red.
He said in a low voice, “Don’t carry me.
I’m already a student in fifth grade.”

“But you’re still my four-year-old son.” Lu Heting did not put him down.

Da Bao felt very uncomfortable.
He did not know where to put his hands or where to look.

Walking behind the father and son, Su Bei smiled brightly.

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The next day, Lu Heting and Su Bei sent Gun Gun to kindergarten.

In the beginning, Gun Gun was very curious about kindergarten and even looking forward to it.

However, when he arrived at the gate and saw the children crying outside, he felt a little scared.

“Do I really have to go in? Will the teachers eat the children?” Gun Gun leaned against the car window and looked outside.


“Of course not.
Like Bei Bei, the teachers will take good care of children.” Su Bei comforted him gently.

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