Chapter 399: I Won’t Live Anymore

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“Grandpa, Grandma, Su Bei and the children won’t come back anytime soon.
But I promise you that when the time comes, I’ll bring them back to visit you.”

All hope turned into disappointment.
Old Master Lu was so angry that he slammed his chopsticks on the table.
“When is the right time? It’s been five years! You’ve been married for five years but only her name is on the marriage certificate.
She has never visited us nor has she come back.
Why? Is it because the Lu family is beneath her? Is she above us all? Does she look down on us for being old?”

Lu Weijian and Mrs.
Lu hurriedly tried to mediate things.

However, it was not only Old Master Lu who was angry but Matriarch Lu and Mrs.
Lu as well.

The two had been married for five years and already had a child..
However, Su Bei had been reluctant to come visit them.
It just did not make sense.

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Lu Heting lowered his eyes and said sincerely, “I’m sorry, Grandpa and Grandma.
It’s all my fault.
This has nothing to do with Su Bei.”

Old Master Lu was even angrier.
This was the first time the arrogant Lu Heting apologized so seriously.

For the sake of this woman, he even abandoned his principles!

Just what hardships was the woman going through that she had not visited them?

Lu Weijian, who was standing at the side, was anxious.

It was inappropriate for Mrs.
Lu to say any more, so she could only help persuade her parents-in-law.

Lu Weijian looked at Lu Heting, wanting him to tell them the truth.

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However, Lu Heting did not speak.
There was a five-year gap in his relationship with Su Bei.
Even if he tried to explain, the elderly would not understand.
On the contrary, they might even misunderstand Su Bei even more.

He would only bring Su Bei home when there was no chance of something going wrong.

Matriarch Lu suggested, “Heting, if they don’t want to come here, why don’t we go and see them? We really want to see that child…’

Old Master Lu snorted.
“If you want to see them, then go.
But I won’t go!”

Their darn granddaughter-in-law did not want to see her grandparents-in-law, and she wanted them to lower themselves to go see her instead.
No way!

However, after saying that, he squinted at Lu Heting and waited for his reply.

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He did not like Su Bei very much, but he could not wait to see his precious great-grandson.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa and Grandma.
It’s not the right time yet.”

Old Master Lu slammed the table and said, “How many apologies have you said today? Can’t we go and see her? If we see her, will she run away?”

“I’m worried that she will,” Lu Heting said solemnly, “If she leaves, I won’t live anymore.”

Old Master Lu was speechless.

Did the head of Lu Group really say that?

How childish!

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Old Master Lu was so angry but he could not take it out on Lu Heting.

Lu Weijian watched from the side.
Lu Heting was really impressive.
These kinds of words were only said by a high schooler who was in love for the first time.
How did he manage to say that line without a change in expression?

How admirable!

Old Master Lu was so angry that he laughed.
“Then your grandmother and I will send Gun Gun to school, okay?”

“No, Gun Gun might prefer having Su Bei drive him there.” Lu Heting’s attitude was very sincere, but his tone was very firm.
He did not leave any room for objections.

“I… I…” Old Master Lu was so angry that his heart hurt.

“Butler, get the medicine,” Lu Heting ordered calmly.
He picked up the glass of water and walked over to Old Master Lu.

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