Chapter 381: Name Your Price

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Otherwise, she would lose all her dignity.

Later, Du Luo announced the Du family’s investment plan for Qian Yu Entertainment Company and how the company would focus on Su Huixian.

Finally, they managed to take control of the banquet once more.

As for Su Bei, she was about to leave.

With a smile, Tang Xinru said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, the person behind all this is very attentive to you.”

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She was referring to Lu Weijian.

“Actually, I didn’t know about it at all.
I’m sorry, President Tang.” Su Bei did not know whether it was Lu Weijian or Gu Xifeng who arranged it according to Feng Ze’s request.

Although she appeared calm throughout the whole process, her heart had been swept up in a storm.

“It’s okay.
Anyway, you’ve signed the contract with me.
You’re my artist from now on.” Tang Xinru smiled confidently.
“I believe that you won’t regret your choice today.
That’s all for tonight.

Tang Xinru left with her assistant and agent.

Du Luo and Su Huixian were about to send the guests off too.
He got his assistant to wrap up the tulips outside and add them to the gift bags for the guests.

Su Huixian stood with the other socialites and said, “I didn’t treat you well today.
Next time, I’ll invite a few of you for high-tea.”

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“Huixian, the tulips outside look really pretty.
I heard that they’re souvenirs?”

“My dear, if you like them, you can have them.
I’ll have someone send you a few pots later.
You can put them in your room.”

“Thank you so much, Huixian.
I like this flower a lot because it blooms well.”

“There’s no need to be so polite.” Su Huixian smiled.

After a while, Du Luo’s assistant came back with the general manager of the hotel.

The general manager bowed apologetically.
Luo, I’m really sorry.
These tulips weren’t provided by our hotel, so…”

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“Didn’t you arrange for this?” Du Luo asked his assistant.

The assistant said, “I told the hotel that the arrangements must be perfect so the banner outside was provided by the hotel.
But not the tulips.”

“Well, you won’t mind if I want to buy some, right? Name a price,” Du Luo said.
This small matter could not even be handled well by his assistant.
He had suppressed his anger for the whole night.

He thought that the hotel manager wanted money.

It was just money for a few pots of flowers.

The general manager said, “Mr.
Luo, these tulips were sent here by another customer.
He didn’t say whether he would take them back or not.
After all, these are all rare flowers.
We don’t dare to make decisions on behalf of our customers.
If it doesn’t belong to us, we can’t sell it.
We still have to get the customer’s approval.”

Du Luo loosened his tie in frustration.
Everything had gone wrong tonight.
He was so embarrassed that he wanted to bury himself in a hole.

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Luo, who was famous in Jingdu City, was actually feeling stumped over a few pots of flowers.

Su Huixian was walking toward them with a socialite.
When she heard what they said, she felt so embarrassed.
If she had known that these flowers could not be touched, she would not have said that she would give them away.

Just now, she had patted her chest and said that she would definitely give the flowers to the socialite next to her.

Director Li also loved flowers, especially tulips.
She and Du Luo had promised to gift the tulips to a few others.

Su Huixian’s face turned pale.

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