y walked to the music equipment on the stage before bowing to the audience.

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Someone in the crowd screamed, “It’s the Spanish Royal Orchestra! The Spanish Royal Orchestra!”

Someone immediately shushed him and asked him to keep his voice down.
Obviously, some others had also recognized those people, so they turned respectful and did not laugh at that man’s antics.

“It’s really the Spanish Royal Orchestra.
It’s one of the most outstanding orchestras among the top universities in Europe.
It has always played in places like the Golden Music Hall in Vienna.
They’ve even played for the British royal family, and the Spanish royal family.
They’ve never performed any commercial performances.
They’re known as the treasure of European orchestras, the pinnacle of European orchestras in recent years.”

“Leading them is conductor, Shaque! Mom, I no longer have any regrets in this life!”

“I can’t believe that Mr.
Luo is able to invite the Spanish Royal Orchestra.”

“I heard that even if the royal family of the United Kingdom wants to make an appointment with them, but it’ll take at least half a year.”

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“It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime event.
I’m so satisfied.
I’m so glad that I came to this banquet.”

“Do you know that I have all the videos of the Spanish Royal Orchestra’s performances? But I never dreamed that I would be able to see the performance in person in my lifetime!”

Su Huixian was also shocked.
She knew that the Du family was rich and Du Luo had a lot of connections in Europe.
However, she never knew that he was so capable.

She was really impressed.

She held a glass of wine and toasted Du Luo.

Du Luo was also surprised.
He knew that his budget might not even be enough for the music equipment of the Spanish Royal Orchestra.
How did his assistant do it?

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