He looked at her as though he was an old father sending his daughter to work for the first time.

The two brothers sent her straight to the elevator.

Su Bei went out and met up with Lv Shan.

“I heard that Tang Xinru arranged for us to have dinner in Hall 5 of Huiyao Hotel tonight.
It seems that she thinks highly of you,” Lv Shan said with a smile.

Soon, the car drove into Huiyao Hotel.

Tonight, the atmosphere in Huiyao Hotel was a little special.

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Lv Shan asked curiously, “Why is it so quiet today? Huiyao Hotel usually has guests from all over the world.”

“Maybe someone booked the whole venue.” Su Bei did not think it was strange.
After all, there were many rich people around.

Lv Shan was dumbfounded.
“How much does it cost to book Huiyao?”

If even she felt that it was expensive, it was obvious that not many people could afford it.

“There seems to be a banner outside to welcome you.
Tang Xinru is really good to you.”

Su Bei had already told Tang Xinru to keep a low profile because she did not want to use up too much of the company’s budget.

Unexpectedly, Tang Xinru still made thorough preparations.

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She said to Lv Shan, “Lv Shan, after parking the car in the underground parking lot, let’s go directly to the nearest elevator and go to Hall 5.
I don’t want to attract too much attention.”

“Okay.” Lv Shan was already familiar with Su Bei’s style of doing things now, so she followed her instructions.

After parking the car, the two of them entered Hall 5 in a low-profile manner.

Tang Xinru and the others had not arrived yet, so they waited for them.

Tonight, Du Luo’s banquet was also held here.

Compared to Su Bei, who was trying her best to keep a low profile, Du Luo was trying his best to be high profile and luxurious.
He asked his assistant to have the banquet be as extravagant as possible.
He had also asked the reporters to be here.

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