Chapter 361: I’ve Done Too Much For This Family

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However, everyone hoped that Su Bei would return to the Lu family.

“Then make the arrangements…” Lu Heting ordered Lu Weijian.

After work, Lu Weijian took Da Bao and Gun Gun to the amusement park.

Da Bao looked at the various attractions in front of him with disdain.

Gun Gun’s eyes lit up.
“Uncle, can I sit here?”

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“Of course! Well, you can choose for yourself.
I’m here to accompany you today.
I’ll sit wherever you want me to,” Lu Weijian said, patting his chest.

Da Bao was not interested.

Gun Gun held Da Bao’s hand and said, “Brother Da Bao, can you ride with us too? This is fun.
You’ll love it.”

Your uncle will accompany you.”

“But I want Brother Da Bao to be with me.
Brother Da Bao is the best!” Gun Gun started speaking in his cute voice.

Lu Weijian stood aside.
What had he done to deserve this? After being tortured by his brother and sister, he was now being tortured by two little kids.

In the end, the three of them went on the rides together.

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Da Bao looked uninterested, while Gun Gun was extremely happy.
Lu Weijian seemed to the extra one.

After playing for a while amidst all the screams and yells that filled the air, Lu Weijian felt dizzy and… threw up.

Da Bao looked at him disdainfully.
“Go and have a rest.
Gun Gun, let’s go ride that one.”

“Okay!” Gun Gun followed Da Bao with his short legs.

Lu Weijian cried out, “I’ve already done too much for this family!”

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Su Bei was busy with work in the afternoon.

There was a company called Sheng Tang that had been reaching out to her.
Su Bei had refused twice in a row, and she had also clearly expressed her current plans for her career.
She was only willing to take short-term jobs and spend the rest of her time with her family and enjoy life.

However, the other party did not give up and reached out to her again.

This time, the other party was even willing to give in and told her, “We’re willing to cooperate with you for your short-term work.
We can sign a short-term contract for three or four months.
You can try joining the company first to see our sincerity and what your prospects will be.
If you think that you don’t like it here, we can terminate the contract immediately.
If you think we’re a suitable company for you, then we can sign an official contract.”

The boss’ name was Tang Xinru, and she was a very capable woman in the workplace.

Since Su Bei came back to the country, Tang Xinru had been paying attention to her.
She had high hopes for Su Bei’s future, so she had reached out to her several times.

This was the third time she had come to see Su Bei in person.

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It was only then that Su Bei decided to meet her.

Her proposal was very considerate of Su Bei.

However, the more Tang Xinru acted like this, the more guilty Su Bei felt.
“President Tang, I’m really afraid that I’ll be a burden to the company, so…”

“Su Bei, you don’t have to feel guilty.
Even if you sign a short-term contract with us for three months, we can still make money from you.
I’m giving you this chance because I think that if we don’t cooperate, I’ll regret it, and so will you.
How about it? Do you dare to make a bet? Don’t tell me you don’t even dare to do this?” Tang Xinru looked at Su Bei seriously.

“Then I’ll give you an answer tomorrow,” Su Bei said.

Indeed, the conditions proposed by Tang Xinru were very good for Su Bei.
She also yearned to join a big company like Sheng Tang.

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