Chapter 360: Feels Like A Roller Coaster

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“But I don’t have any feelings for him, so I’ll take it slow.” Su Bei lowered her head and drank her coffee.

Lu Weijian rolled his eyes.
“Do you like another man?”

Su Bei spat out another mouthful of coffee.
“Of course not!”

“That’s good! That’s good!” Lu Weijian was secretly glad that she did not have feelings for anyone else.
Although Lu Heting would have a long path ahead of him, it would not be too difficult.

Su Bei looked at Lu Weijian.
What was wrong with him? Was he not being too nosy?

Afraid that Su Bei would get impatient, Lu Weijian raised one last question.
“Bei Bei, after terminating your contract, you don’t have anywhere to go, right? Why don’t you come to Di Xing Media Company?”

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Su Bei knew that Lu Weijian meant well, but she could not accept his proposal.

Di Xing Media Company was very strict in all aspects when it came to managing artists.
Of course, this also greatly helped the artists themselves.
Every artist from Di Xing Media Company was popular…

However, she did not have the time to accept the training of Di Xing Media Company.

She could not take on long-term jobs either.

“Thank you for your kindness, Mr.
But I have my own plans for now.
I can’t accept Di Xing Media Company’s invitation,” Su Bei refused.

“Bei Bei, are you really so cruel that you won’t even consider it?”

“Maybe in the future.
I hope there’ll be a chance in the future.”

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Lu Weijian had no other choice.
This was all he could do for his brother.

“Okay then, Bei Bei.
I hope we have a chance to cooperate in the future.”

Lu Weijian relayed Su Bei’s words to Lu Heting.

“Brother, I’ve really tried my best.
If Sister Bei Bei doesn’t want to join, there’s really nothing I can do.”

Lu Heting had already expected this.
After all, he had personally invited Su Bei but she also refused.

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However, it did not matter.
She had even given birth to Da Bao.
Whether she joined the company or not, Lu Heting was not so anxious anymore.

“But since she’s admitted that she doesn’t like other men, it means that the only men she likes are you, Da Bao, and Gun Gun.
No, Da Bao and Gun Gun are not men.
So the only man she likes is you.”

Lu Heting smiled contentedly.
Of course.

He could feel that Su Bei was showing some warmth to him now.

He still needed more time and opportunities…

“But Sister Bei Bei also said that the two of you have only known each other for a short time, so she doesn’t have any feelings for you,” Lu Weijian continued.

His words made Lu Heting’s mood change like a roller coaster.

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With his reminder, Lu Heting realized that his relationship with Su Bei was indeed lacking in foundation.

When he married her, it was very sudden.
After that, they barely got along.
Five years later, they met each other again but there were very few opportunities for them to be alone.
Gun Gun was one of the top factors.

Feelings needed to be cultivated.
How could he expect Su Bei to develop feelings for him without doing anything?

“Lu Weijian, do you want your sister-in-law to go back to the Lu family as soon as possible?”

“Of course! When Sister Bei Bei comes back, Da Bao can also come back.
Then I can form a team with him.
Da Bao can help me hack all kinds of computers and I’ll become invincible that way.
Of course, my Sister Bei Bei can also help me film commercials.
It’s a win-win situation.
No, three wins, four wins…”

Lu Heting looked at him lazily.

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