Chapter 356: A Dispensable Existence

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How did it turn out like this?

Had he misunderstood Su Bei all this time?

He bought some wine and gulped it down.
He did not even properly taste it.

He choked and coughed so hard that tears slid down from his eyes.

Did he owe Su Bei too much?

He kept drinking until he got drunk.
Then, he rushed to Qian Yu Entertainment Company to find Su Bei.

He soon realized that he did not know anything about Su Bei anymore.
He did not know where she lived.
He only got her phone number from Song Ruinian’s office.

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He ended up calling out Su Bei’s name while lying at the entrance of Qian Yu Entertainment Company.
He kept saying that he wanted to apologize to her.

When Su Bei returned home and put Gun Gun to bed.
Da Bao also obediently fell asleep.

Su Bei was just about to fall asleep when she received a phone call.

“Miss Su, there’s a drunk man at the entrance of the company who keeps asking to see you.
Are you coming?” The security guard did not recognize Du Luo at all.

After all, Du Luo usually drove luxury cars and wore high-end clothes.
His hair was even more exquisite than a woman’s.
At this moment, he was far away from the security guard.

The security guard did not expect the man in front of him, who was dressed in dirty clothes, to be the young master of the Du family.

“Okay, I’ll come over now.” Su Bei had no choice but to agree.

Otherwise, if such a scene was photographed by the reporters, who knew what would be written?

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Su Bei immediately changed her clothes and put on her shoes.

Lu Heting heard the noise and came out to ask her about it.

After hearing what Su Bei said, he told her, “I’ll go with you.”

Su Bei did not object.
She was tired today, and it would be safer for her to go out in the middle of the night with Lu Heting.

When they arrived at the entrance of the company, Su Bei realized that she did not know this drunkard at all.

However, since she was already here, she decided to take a proper look and see who it was.

She was about to bend down to take a look when Lu Heting held her hand, indicating that she did not need to take the risk.

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Su Bei stopped moving.
Lu Heting bent down and flipped the man over until he could see his face.

It was only then that she saw who the drunkard was.

“Du Luo?” Su Bei was surprised.

Actually, Su Bei thought that the man was familiar after looking at his figure.
However, after the past few years, Du Luo had faded away from Su Bei’s heart, so she had not properly seen his face for a long time.
She never thought that it would be him.

Besides, what was he doing here?

Should he not be by Su Huixian’s side?

Even though the whole world did not believe Su Huixian, he would try his best to believe in her, right?

Sensing that Su Bei was here, Du Luo said in a low voice, “Su Bei… Su Bei, I’m sorry…”

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Su Bei really wanted to kick Du Luo’s ass.
If he was not tired, she was! Why did he get so drunk?

“You drank a lot, go home.
I don’t have time to accompany you.”

Du Luo reached out to grab Su Bei’s wrist, but Lu Heting stopped him.

At most, Du Luo was just Su Bei’s ex-fiance.
He was Su Bei’s husband.

Du Luo let go of his hand and said in a daze, “Su Bei, can… Can you forgive me?”

Su Bei’s heart hardened.

Her heart was already dead, and in her heart, he had long ago been dispensable to her.
How could she forgive him?

She had never minded the misunderstandings the people whom she did not care about had toward her.
What she wanted most was the trust of the people she cared about.

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