Sure enough, he saw Su Bei’s parked car.
Then, he saw a young man step out of the car.
Lu Heting narrowed his eyes and realized that the man was actually Su Bei.

She had changed into a man’s suit.

“I went to the hospital and found the doctor who operated on Su Huixian.
I also got his phone number.
But he seems to be avoiding something.
He refuses to pick up my calls and isn’t receiving any patients.
He seems to be deliberately avoiding me.” Su Bei had gone out early in the morning and got a lot of information from the nurses.

Lu Heting nodded.
“Fortunately, you dressed up like a man.
There must be a lot of reporters waiting for you outside.”

“I’m smart, aren’t I? Don’t worry about me,” Su Bei said with a smile.
Then, she changed the topic.
“But this doctor is very strange.
I’ve asked around.
He’s not a famous doctor, and he doesn’t have any special achievements throughout his career.
But ever since Su Huixian got pregnant, she would always look for him for a body check-up.
Besides, that hospital has many famous doctors.
According to Su Huixian’s personality, why would she look for a doctor with mediocre medical skills? Don’t you think it’s strange?”

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“Yes, it’s strange.
I also found out about this yesterday.
This Doctor Liu is really mediocre.” Lu Heting had also compiled Su Huixian’s information last night.
“Not to mention a person like Su Huixian, but even if it were an ordinary person who’s pregnant, they would want to go to a big hospital and find themselves an expert.
But Su Huixian always goes back to this doctor.
It’s quite suspicious.”

Su Bei looked into Lu Heting’s eyes and said, “Based on my understanding of Su Huixian and knowing the extent of her ruthlessness, it’s very likely that…”

“She wasn’t pregnant.”

“She wasn’t pregnant.”

Lu Heting and Su Bei said at the same time.

Otherwise, she would not have found a doctor like that and she would not have miscarried while Su Bei was there with her, only to blame everything on her afterward.

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