d she do about this? She had a doctor she knew who could help her.
She had already contacted him.

However, who should she push the blame to to get the most benefits?

How could she solve the problem and deal with the aftermath?

When she saw Su Bei walking in, she remembered the way Du Luo had looked at her this morning.

A trace of vicious resentment appeared in Su Huixian’s eyes.

Du Luo had not moved on from Su Bei, and the company was even allocating its resources to her.
Even Wang Yizhi had taken the initiative to befriend her just now.
If she did not do anything soon, everyone would only focus on Su Bei while she would be forgotten.

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Thinking of this, Su Huixian made up her mind.

She took out a bag of blood from her handbag and held it in her hand.

Su Bei slowly walked over to wash her hands.

When she saw Su Huixian, she deliberately distanced herself from her, not wanting to get too close to her.

When they were at the sink, Su Bei lowered her head and washed her hands.

“Su Bei,” Su Huixian called out her name.

Su Bei looked up at her indifferently.

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In the narrow bathroom, Su Huixian suddenly pounced on Su Bei.

Su Bei could not dodge in time when Su Huixian pounced on her.

Su Bei was extremely surprised.
“Su Huixian, what are you doing?”

“My stomach hurts… My stomach hurts.
Help me! Call for help! Help me…” Su Huixian’s voice became shrill.

She was heavier than Su Bei, so Su Bei could not push her away.

Just as Su Bei took out her phone and was about to call an ambulance for her, Zhu Fenfen came in with a few newbies.
They immediately noticed Su Huixian and Su Bei squeezing against each other.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Zhu Fenfen asked hurriedly, calling for more colleagues to come over.

Su Huixian said in a sad voice, “My baby… Su Bei pushed me…”

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