The man’s eyes were steady and focused on Su Bei, making her blush.

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Gun Gun stared at her eagerly.
Su Bei had no choice but to approach Lu Heting and kiss him on the forehead.


Su Bei and Lu Heting arrived at a big supermarket.

As soon as the two of them appeared, they attracted everyone’s attention.

Lu Heting, who was 1.88 meters tall, stood tall and straight.
His tailored clothes wrapped his strong body nicely, and his well-defined facial features were perfect.

Su Bei, on the other hand, had a perfect supermodel figure.
Even though her pair of thick glasses covered most of her face, the rest of it could still be seen.

She was not particularly famous, but she did not want to cause trouble, so she wore glasses before going out.

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“What a perfect match! They are really eye-catching.”

“He must be a celebrity, right? Otherwise, how can he be so handsome?”

“Even a star can’t compare to his temperament and character.
What’s more, their compatibility is enviable.”

Lu Heting’s lips curved into a smile as he glanced sideways at the woman beside him.

Su Bei lowered her head and tried to hide her face with her long hair.

She pushed the shopping cart forward, while Lu Heting followed her with a smile.

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The two of them went back home soon after buying the groceries.

Da Bao and Gun Gun sat on the sofa.
Gun Gun was very enthusiastic and talkative, introducing his toys and snacks to Da Bao.

Da Bao listened patiently.

Gun Gun cherished his toys and snacks very much.
Even so, he still divided all the things into two piles and pushed one pile to Da Bao.
“Brother Da Bao, I’ll give this to you!”

“Thank you, but I don’t need it…” Da Bao glanced at the things.
He did not like to play with toy cars or eat snacks.

Rather than play with these childish things, his time would be better spent meditating.

After thinking for a while, Gun Gun thought that Da Bao felt that there were too little things in the pile.
He fiddled with his toys and snacks, facing a dilemma.
Finally, he said in a firm voice, “Then I’ll give them all to you.”

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With a conflicted expression on his face, Gun Gun stopped looking at the his beloved things.
He was about to give them all to Da Bao, so he stretched out his fingers and covered his eyes.

Da Bao was surprised.
This little boy was really honest.

Was he really Lu Heting’s son?

Meow, meow, meow? Da Bao was now suspicious about Gun Gun’s genes.

However, his personality was quite similar to Su Xiaobei’s.
Maybe those who looked cute would also have a cute personality and would not have any scheming thoughts.

Da Bao said, “Forget it.
I’ll just take the half from earlier.
You can keep the other half.
I’m too lazy to manage so many things.”

Gun Gun immediately put down his hands and said happily, “Okay, okay.
Brother Da Bao, you’re right.
Let’s each take half! Brother Da Bao, you’re the best!”

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Da Bao was speechless.

He was the one who gave him the gift, but he was thanking Da Bao for it.
This was like counting the money after selling oneself.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Da Bao would be able to abduct ten children if they were all as naive as Gun Gun.

“I’ll go to the kitchen.
You can accompany them to watch TV for a while.” Su Bei gave the three of them a chance to get along.

This would also be their normal day to day in the future.

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