said, “Madam, I’ve taken care of everything you asked me to do.”

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He then handed a stack of documents to Mrs.

Lu picked it up and flipped through it.
She was calm at first, but gradually, she began to get angry.

She had asked someone to check on Su Bei’s whereabouts.
Su Bei usually had a very normal routine.
She just worked, went home, and helped Gun Gun.
Although she had a few male friends, they were just normal friends.

However, when she looked deeper into it, she found out that she had a child who her best friend was raising.

No matter how the people arranged by Mrs.
Lu tried to take photos of Lu Heting, they could never get a good shot of him.
It was as if he had a special hiding mechanism.
The photos they got of him were all of his back.
In the photos with the best angle, one could only see his ears and chin.

“Is he really Su Bei’s son?” Mrs.
Lu asked.

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“Actually, we don’t know.
After all, we don’t have any concrete evidence.
But according to what we’ve occasionally overheard from their conversation, I think so,” the assistant explained hurriedly.

Actually, Mrs.
Lu had asked them to follow Su Bei and track her movements for a long time.

At the beginning, they could not take any photos.
When Lu Heting and Lu Weijian were around, they did not dare to take any photos.
Lu had also reminded them to avoid attracting their attention.

After persisting for a while, it was only in these two or three days that they finally took photos of the situation.
Of course, Da Bao would have minded being photographed before.
In the past few days, Da Bao had already acknowledged Lu Heting, so he did not mind being photographed by them.

It was only now that they could report to Mrs.

Lu was furious at Su Bei for hiding such a thing.

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