ake that position from you.
Why do you have to do this to Huixian?”

Du Luo’s words sounded so harsh in Su Bei’s ears, and she also felt uneasy upon hearing him calling her half-sister only Huixian.
When did they become so close?

“Are you suspecting that I am deliberately framing her?” she asked, looking at Du Luo in disbelief.

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“It’s okay for you to be willful at times.
But you have to know that there are things you can’t just joke about,” Du Luo said to Su Bei.
He then looked at Su Huixian with pity in his eyes and added, “Huixian always puts up with you.
But enough is enough.”

Su Bei stared at Du Luo’s handsome face.
Seeing his self-righteous look, she felt so ridiculous.


She then asked in a sarcastic tone, “You believe her instead of me?”

Du Luo turned his face sideways, his fists clenching in his pockets.
He didn’t answer her question.

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“What is going on here? Why are you fighting again?” Su Xingfu, Su Bei’s father, and his wife, Xu Zhiqin, rushed into the room together.

Su Huixian immediately threw herself into Xu Zhiqin’s arms and cried aggrievedly, “Mom, I really didn’t drug Su Bei.
I also did not find someone to rape her.
How could I do such a thing to her?”

The expression on Xu Zhiqin’s face slightly changed.
“Su Bei, there may be some sort of misunderstanding here, right?”

“I’ve heard everything she said with my own ears.
She even called someone to tell the bodyguards to come to my room.
How can it be a misunderstanding?” Su Bei said.

Su Huixian cried bitterly.
“How can I do such a heartless thing and ruin your life? Doing such a thing will also ruin my own life.
Do you think I am not afraid of being in jail?”

Xu Zhiqin’s voice was full of pain when she said, “Hubby, I believe that Huixian will never do such a thing.
But since it seems that we can’t reconcile th

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