Chapter 280: Chapter 280 Both of You Get out of Here

“Why do you have to sacrifice the interests of our own company’s artists to help others when something happens? If Su Bei apologized, then her whole career would be ruined! Besides, you know the truth, don’t you?”

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“Lv Shan, you are the agent.
You have to obey the company’s arrangement and think for the interests of the company! Otherwise, I have the right to fire you!” Song Ruinian said.

“Then you can fire me.
Since the company has such a bad attitude and doesn’t care about the personal interests of the stars, I think there is no need to stay in such a company,” Lv Shan said firmly.

“Well, you are fired! But Su Bei had to apologize! You can leave now.
But Su Bei’s contract still belongs to the company.
She must obey the arrangement!” Song Ruinian became angry from embarrassment.

He wanted to take out his phone and called the reporters and assistants, asking them to come immediately and take Su Bei to make an apology to save Fang Shaocong’s face.

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As for whether Su Bei was right or wrong, it was not an important thing for him.

Lv Shan held his hand with a smile and said, “Director Song, the fact that you received kickbacks in the company is not completely confidential.
Call the reporters over.
I can also talk to them about it.”

“You!” Song Ruinian’s face darkened.

He had worked in the company for many years, and he indeed did such things.
He had thought that no one knew it, but he didn’t expect that Lv Shan would say it out directly.

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Since she dared to say it, she must have the evidence.

Song Ruinian didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Director Song, I hope you won’t make things difficult for Su Bei.
People outside don’t know what kind of person Fang Shaocong is, but you know, right? He had done so many evil things, he will not come to a good end.
If you still want to collude with him, sooner or later, you will ruin yourself.”

Song Ruinian’s face was as dark as ink.
He had a private friendship with Fang Shaocong, and he had played with women in the clubhouse with Fang Shaocong.
Of course he knew what kind of person Fang Shaocong was.

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Song Ruinian was threatened by Lv Shan’s words.
After a while, he waved his hand and said, “Get out, both of you.”

It was not because he was convinced by Lv Shan, but because Lv Shan had known his secret, he didn’t dare to risk his future.

As for Fang Shaocong, would he really have a miserable end? Thinking of the huge Fang family, Song Ruinian couldn’t believe it at all.

As soon as Lv Shan went out, she said, “Su Bei, I’m going to submit my resignation.
That’s all I can do.”

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After she fought against Song Ruinian, there was no room for her to stay.

“Lv Shan, in fact, you don’t have to do this for me…” Su Bei said sadly.

“It doesn’t matter.
You have seen it anyway.
I don’t want to stay in such a company.
Although we only have interests to do with each other, you also let me remember my original intention to enter this industry.
You remind me of myself.
You need to keep going.
And take good care of yourself in the future.
I can ask my friends in the entertainment industry to help you with this scandal, but I can’t bring down Fang Shaocong.”

“You have helped me a lot to resist Song Ruinian’s pressure.”

Lv Shan laughed and said, “Ha-ha, as long as you don’t hate me.
Now you know why I’m so mean and bad tempered, don’t you? I’ve been in this industry for a long time.
Sometimes the bad temper is actually my protection.”

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