lackey of rich people!”

“That’s right.
Next time when you get sick and can’t get up, your boss also asks you to complete all kinds of work and not to ask for leave.
Then I want to know what you will say!”

Many people shared the same feeling with Fang Shaocong, so they would certainly help him.

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Lu Weijian didn’t say anything more and directly posted several pictures.

“Everyone, look at the pictures yourself.”

In the first photo, Fang Shaocong was holding red wine in his left hand and cigar in his right hand.
A woman was wearing a skimpy dress and massaging for Fang Shaocong.

The third picture enlarged the valuable watch in Fang Shaocong’s hand.
The date and time were clearly shown on the watch.
It was Fang Shaocong who said that he was having an intravenous drip in the hospital.
But at this time, he was not only smoking and drinking, but also enjoying the massage.

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Fang Shaocong was well-known for his self-discipline in the entertainment industry.
The pictures on his Weibo were either for exercise or for script reading, which was very similar to his main character in his TV series—an elite with affections, and cleverness.
Besides, when he was cooperating with an actress, his ears would be red.

Many female fans liked him very much and completely treated him as their dream lover.

Many people believed that he was not only not in love, but also had his first kiss.
They firmly believed that he loved reading, was smart and had his own opinions.

He even had a group of male fans who were persistent and worked hard to learn from him, hoping to become excellent men like him.

As soon as Lu Weijian released these photos, everyone was shocked.
And the whole Weibo was in an uproar.

Fang Shaocong and Lu Weijian’s names appeared in all kinds of hot topics—”Lu Weijian uses his strength against Fang Shaocong?” “Fang Shaocong drank, smoked, played with women?” Other topics like “So what is the truth?” had also been a bit of talking point.
These hot topics became the most popular ones of the hot search list.

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