Su Huixian spoke up, pretending to be fair.
“I’m sure that Su Bei didn’t do it on purpose.
She’s just in a bad mood.
Please hold your tongue.”

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On the surface, she seemed to be supporting Su Bei, but in fact, she was stirring up trouble for her.

Xiao Tong, the impulsive assistant, became even more furious after hearing this.
“Does she have the right to take out her anger on others just because she’s in a bad mood? Who the heck does she think she is? Does it mean that assistants are inferior? Su Bei, with this sort of attitude, you will never succeed!”

All these harsh words flooded Su Bei’s ears.

However, she kept a calm face, and her features weren’t creased in the slightest, as if nothing had happened.
She looked at Xiao Tong plainly and asked, “Are you done scolding me? Is it my turn now?”

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Seeing her respond in such a calm way, Xiao Tong didn’t know what to say.
She just stared at Su Bei with hatred.

Su Bei bent down, picked up the shoes on the ground, and held them up for everyone to see.
“There is something wrong with these shoes.
I couldn’t keep my balance on them.
I’m truly sorry for Assistant Liao’s injury.”

In fact, she had just wanted to pull Liao Youhui to the floor to teach her a lesson.

She hadn’t expected that Liao Youhui would get seriously injured.

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Everyone’s eyes fell on the shoes in Su Bei’s hands, and they saw that the platforms of the shoes were broken.

One of the models immediately spoke up for Su Bei.
“Those heels are actually very high, and the platforms of the shoes are broken.
It’s definitely not Su Bei’s fault that she lost balance and fell down.”

Models were always disgusted with the existence of such logistical problems at a high-end fashion show like this, so they immediately took Su Bei’s side.
“I think the logistics assistants should be held accountable for these kinds of problems.
Su Bei just fell down by accident.
It’s not her fault!”

Liao Youhui’s face turned pale, and a bad feeling rose in her heart.
‘How could this happen? Why did the platforms break so soon?’

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Xiao Tong’s expression also changed.
Since the shoes were broken, she had obviously gone overboard just now while scolding Su Bei.

But she still said stubbornly, “Su Bei’s the one who kept asking Youhui to bring new shoes.
If she hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have ended up with a faulty pair of shoes.
If she had just worn the first pair of shoes that Youhui brought for her, then none of this would have happened.
It’s all because of her bad temper, okay?”

With a bright smile on her red lips, Su Bei said, “You’re right.
I should have just worn one of the first two pairs of shoes that she brought me.
But before I put them on, can you check them for me? I’m afraid that if the same thing happens again, I’m not the only one who will suffer.
All of you assistants will have to take responsibility as well.
What do you think?”

The logistics assistants standing there all thought that Su Bei’s words made sense.
They had come to the Orisa show not just to be an assistant, but also to find new opportunities and get ahead in their career.

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If there was a problem during the first test and they had to take responsibility for it, it would be a stain on their resume.
They might not be able to get other opportunities or even a promotion in the future.

Liao Youhui didn’t have time to stop Xiao Tong, who was straightforward and quick in action.
In the blink of an eye, Xiao Tong had already picked up the two pairs of shoes that Su Bei had refused and checked them.

Liao Youhui had no choice but to look to Su Huixian for help.

However, Su Huixian lowered her gaze and played with the bracelet on her wrist.
She didn’t say anything, because she thought that it was none of her business.
Liao Youhui had taken action all on her own.

Even if someone had to take responsibility for this mess, it had nothing to do with her, so she just maintained a decent smile on her face.


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