Chapter 210: Chapter210 Harsh Words

The more Lu Weijian said, the more depressed Lu Heting looked.

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When he finished his last sentence, a layer of darkness covered Lu Heting’s body, making him as horrible as the Satan in the darkness!

“What did you say?” Lu Heting’s voice was cold and weird.

Lu Weijian was flashing back to the moment when he said those words, and he was freaking out about it.
Then he replied in a trembling voice, “Brother, I mean… Anyway, I didn’t mean that…”

“Su Bei is not that kind of girl!” Lu Heting said word by word.

Although he saw that she and Lin Yu went to the supermarket with another kid, he still believed that she would not cheat on him.

Even if something happened, she must have her own difficulties.

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Lu Weijian realized that he had said something wrong.
Lu Heting was so protective of his sister-in-law.
What he had said just now was too harsh.

“I’m sorry, brother.
I said something wrong.
I know I was wrong.
I just feel sorry for you,” Lu Weijian immediately apologized.

Lu Heting’s face softened.
He lowered his head and said seriously, “Since she has come back to me, I know she is not that kind of girl.
But why did she have another child?”

Since Lu Heting hadn’t rested for a long time, his mental state was on the verge of collapse.

On the ship, after Su Bei fell asleep, he took several cold showers in a row.
So he was not in an excellent condition.

At this moment, his eyes were full of gloom.

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“Brother, do you mean that my sister-in-law has another child with her?”

Lu Heting didn’t admit it or deny it.
His black eyes were full of contrasting emotions.
He didn’t know how to control his own thoughts.

He couldn’t sit down or stop thinking.
His mind was working at a high speed.
Once it stopped, he would think about what had happened to Su Bei, but he couldn’t find any answer.

“Brother, is that child your son?” Lu Weijian made a bold guess.

The expression on Lu Heting’s face froze for a moment, and then a faint glow appeared on his face.

His own son?

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He really hoped so.
After all, he and Su Bei once had two sweet hours together.

However, his face immediately darkened.
Could it be?

Lu Heting wasn’t sure about this, because if the kid was really his son, Su Bei wouldn’t hide the kid from him and would have brought the kid to see him long ago.

This time, Su Bei came back specially for him.
She must have her own reason.

He had been very confident and convinced before.
He had thought that she wanted to come back and live a good life with him.
She always behaved the same, although there was no progress on their relationship.
They only had one intimate moment five years ago.

If she really gave birth to his son, there was no reason to hide the kid from him all the time.

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Noticing the disappointment on Lu Heting’s face, Lu Weijian was shocked.
“Isn’t…isn’t he…”

Lu Weijian admitted that he had been forced to stutter by his brother.

Because all these things were too shocking! What the hell was going on?

“Brother, don’t you know whether he is your son or not?” Lu Weijian was really speechless.

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