2151 Twins

“Hello, Old Madam Han, Mr.
Han, Mrs.
Han, Miss Han.” Qiao Jierou walked in.
Her greeting attracted everyone’s attention.

When Old Madam Han saw her, her attitude became much colder.
On account that her surname was also Qiao, she did not throw a tantrum in public.

“Have a seat,” Old Madam Han said.

The butler had arranged a seat for her.

Old Madam Han turned around and said to Qiao Weiyang, “Weiyang, is filming tough recently? I heard that the set is hot, and the weather’s getting warmer.
You have to take care of your body.”

“Okay, Grandma Han.
It’s hot on set, but the production team has thought of many ways to make it bearable for everyone.
It’s still okay.”

Hearing their conversation, Qiao Jierou had more or less guessed that Qiao Weiyang must have said something nice to Old Madam Han to gain her trust.

She was gentler than Qiao Weiyang and knew how to please her elders.
As long as she was given a chance, she could succeed!

Coincidentally, when Qiao Weiyang saw Qiao Jierou, she didn’t want to stay in the same room as her.
She stood up and said, “Grandma Han, I’m going out to take a breather.”

“Go on.”

After Qiao Weiyang left, Qiao Jierou immediately walked gently to Old Madam Han’s side.
“Grandma Han, you’ve finally recovered.
Previously, when there was a problem with your body, our entire family was very worried.
At that time, I couldn’t help much and felt deeply regretful.
Fortunately, I got the news that you’ve recovered.
After I found out, I immediately rushed over to visit.
Grandma was very happy when she heard the news too and asked me to greet you on her behalf.”

She was good at currying favor with the elderly, and her words were filled with deep love.

However, Old Madam Han frowned when she heard that, especially when she called her ‘Grandma Han’.
Her expression turned even colder.

Hearing Qiao Jierou’s words, she did not even respond.

She didn’t say anything and just held her teacup, making Qiao Jierou feel speechless.

She coughed lightly.
“Grandma Han…”

Old Madam Han slammed her teacup on the table and said calmly, “I don’t think the Han family has that many granddaughters, right?”

It was precisely because her tone was flat that there was a strong sense of seriousness in it.

Saying that in front of the other guests was very disrespectful.

Qiao Jierou was shocked.
She didn’t know how she had touched the old madam’s sore spot.

“I’m sorry, Old Madam.
I just wanted to…”

“There’s no need to think about it.
Have some tea.” Old Madam Han did not let her finish.

Qiao Jierou had embarrassed herself this time.
The other guests of the Han family looked at her differently.

She didn’t know what the problem was.
She wanted to leave, but she was afraid of missing such a good opportunity.

Helpless, Qiao Jierou could only endure it and continue to stay.

It was finally time for the banquet to begin.

Qiao Weiyang returned, and the two children sat beside her.

When Qiao Jierou saw this, her eyes stung again.

What was their relationship? Why were they sitting together?

That was not right.
When Qiao Weiyang was in the Qiao family, she had a proud personality and did not even know how to be obedient.
How could she please Old Madam Han and those two children now?

She wanted to ask about the situation.

However, no one said anything to her even after asking around.

Qiao Jierou was unwilling to return empty-handed on such an important occasion.
When she saw the piano placed in the dining hall, she couldn’t help but stand up and say, “Old Madam, your good health is what we want to see.
I want to play a tune for you.
I wish you good health and longevity.”

Old Madam Han nodded.
“Go ahead.
Thank you.”

When the others heard Old Madam Han’s words, they politely began to clap.

Qiao Jierou looked in Qiao Weiyang’s direction.
Seeing that Qiao Weiyang was not looking at her at all, she was not angry.
She sat by the piano and began to play.

The Qiao family had always spent a lot of effort to nurture Qiao Jierou, so she had mastered many skills.
She was often able to stand out in front of everyone, and it helped her obtain the reputation of a talented woman.

On the other hand, Qiao Weiyang was different.
She was always hidden in the crowd, unknown by all.

With this thought in mind, Qiao Jierou played with all her might.

Sure enough, many people nodded and praised her.
“Qiao Jierou is really a talented woman!”

“Very impressive!”

“This professionalism is amazing!”

Hearing the praises from the people around her, Qiao Jierou finished her performance and stood up.
She smiled and said, “I also want to play a birthday song for Old Madam Han.”

Old Madam Han nodded.
“That’s good.
Go ahead and play.”

Seeing her smile, Qiao Jierou smiled.
She felt that the disdain she received just now was worth it.

After she finished playing, there was another round of applause.

Old Madam Han said to Qiao Weiyang, “Weiyang, eat more.”


After Qiao Jierou finished playing, she looked at Qiao Weiyang and said with a smile, “Sister, the two of us came to visit Old Madam Han today.
Shall you play a tune too?”

This could be considered a tradition in the Qiao family.
Every time Qiao Jierou did something, she would ask Qiao Weiyang to do something.

Qiao Weiyang would decline every time and continue to maintain her reputation of being worthless.

Qiao Jierou naturally wanted to achieve the same effect as when she was in the Qiao family.

Everyone looked at Qiao Weiyang.

Without waiting for Qiao Weiyang to speak, Old Madam Han slowly said, “Why would Weiyang perform? I invited her to dinner, not to perform.
Weiyang, sit down and eat.”

Qiao Jierou was embarrassed.
“I’m sorry.
I was too straightforward and casual.
I thought that since the two of us came together, we should perform together.”

“You should sit down and eat too,” Old Madam Han said slowly.

Qiao Jierou sat down and saw the funny looks on everyone’s faces.
She never expected things to turn out this way.

She had forgotten that this was the Han family.
No one would be picky about Qiao Weiyang’s actions like in the Qiao and Lin families.

As soon as she sat down, a professional piano player arrived.
They sat down at the piano and played silently.
The music flowed slowly, forming the background music.
The tune was gentle and calm, not disturbing everyone.

Only then did Qiao Jierou know why everyone was laughing.
The Han family had already hired a professional piano player to liven things up, but she insisted on playing on her own.

Today’s trip to the Han family could be considered a complete humiliation.

Xiao Bao and Jingyun sat beside Qiao Weiyang.

Jingyun sent a message to Xiao Bao.
[What’s wrong with this woman?]

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