Chapter 195: Chapter 195 So Anxious Now

They didn’t worry about what would happen next.

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“When Su Bei wakes up, she will definitely be grateful to us.
We have given her the opportunity that others dream of!” Mr.
Chen sighed.

“Maybe we can cooperate with her and she can be a useful pawn for us by Mr.
Lu’s side.” Mr.
Wang thought so.

In their opinion, all female artists were waiting for such a shortcut.
They provided such an opportunity for Su Bei, so Su Bei should be grateful.

Lu Heting kept reading the documents in his hands.

However, he was working in inefficiency.

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All he could think about was how Su Bei looked in Jin Xiu’s beautiful clothes.
He really wanted to see it with his own eyes.

He estimated that the party was almost end.
Then he stood up and strode downstairs.

When they arrived at Su Bei’s room, Lu Heting stretched out his bony fingers and knocked at the door.

As soon as Lu Heting thought that he could see Su Bei in the beautiful clothes, a graceful smile appeared on his thin lips.

However, there was no response.

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He gently pushed the door open.
He walked in and stepped on something.
He picked it up and found it was a room card.

There was no one in the room.
Obviously, there was an emergency that caused Su Bei to disappear for no reason, and the room card was left.

With a serious look on his face, Lu Heting took out his phone and was about to make a call.
His assistant, Lu Hang, rushed over.
He handed over a room card with both hands and whispered, “Mr.
Lu, Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Wang said that they had prepared a big gift for you and they put the gift in the room next to yours.”

“I refuse it.
Tell them not to dream about it.” Lu Heting was not in the mood to deal with these two partners whose working abilities were completely unqualified.

He just wanted to find Su Bei right away!

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They were on the ship now, and Su Bei was not in the room.
But her room card was left.
Where on earth had she gone?

All of a sudden, an idea flashed through Lu Heting’s mind.
It reminded him of what Lu Hang had just said.

He grabbed Lu Hang’s collar, and grabbed the room card from his hand and walked quickly to the top floor!

If what he thought was true, someone should wash his neck and wait for death!

Lu Hang looked at Lu Heting’s receding figure in surprise.
‘What’s wrong with Mr.
Lu? He just said he wouldn’t accept any gift.
Why is he so anxious now?’

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In the room, Su Bei had woken up.

However, she was tied so that she couldn’t move or save herself.
She remembered that her mobile phone was held in her hand.
Because she was wearing a dress, so she couldn’t put her phone in her pocket, and she didn’t use a handbag.

When she passed out, her phone should have fallen.

The sound of waves came to her ears.
The ship was not bumpy, but she could still feel a slight shake.
This shake was accompanied by the effect of the drug in her body, and she felt a burst of burning on her cheeks.

Her mouth was gagged, so she couldn’t make a sound.
Her eyes were covered, and she couldn’t see where she was.

Su Bei pinched her palm hard!

Was it Su Huixian again? There were so many reporters and people in the industry here tonight.
How dare she do that?

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