ght,” Lu Heting said with a nod.

He then took out his phone and sent a message to Gun Gun, telling the little boy that he wouldn’t be home tonight.

He was doing a great thing.
Besides, it was also a good thing for Gun Gun if he could marry Su Bei as soon as possible, so Gun Gun shouldn’t mind, right?

After sending the message, he turned around and went back with Lu Hang.

Chen and Mr.
Wang hurriedly followed them.
Although they knew that Lu Heting wouldn’t pay attention to them for the time being, they were still glad that he stayed.

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As long as he stayed, they would definitely have a chance.
Otherwise, they didn’t know when they would see him again.

Lu Heting rarely appeared in public.
In the entire industry, only a few people had seen him in person.
Since he was willing to meet them this time, it undoubtedly gave them the most authority and prestige.
But unfortunately, they didn’t seize the opportunity very well.

And it was too late to regret now.

They were grateful that God gave them a remedy.
They immediately thought of the scene just now.
Lu Heting must be interested in that female star who had boarded the ship, so he decided to stay.

Actually, knowing his preferences was an advantage to them.
It was scarier if they didn’t know what he liked.

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As long as Lu Heting had preferences, he also had a weakness that they could use.
If he liked the stars, they would fly into the night sky to get them for him.

Chen and Mr.
Wang immediately went to find out the name of that female artist that Lu Heting saw just now.

Su Bei had a unique face that set her apart from women.
She had a small face that looked charming and exquisite.
Chen and Mr.
Wang only needed the guest list of Feng Shang’s 20th-anniversary celebration.
Then they could confirm her identity.

“It turns out that Mr.
Lu likes her type.” Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Wang now knew what to do.

What was next was for them to take effective action.

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