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Restraining his desire to flirt with her, Lu Heting carried Su Bei upstairs.

Gun Gun rushed to the door to open it when he heard some knocks.
And before he could open his mouth to say something, Lu Heting gestured for him to keep quiet.
He immediately slowed down his steps, trotted forward, and opened his arms, hinting Lu Heting to hand over Su Bei to him.

“No, you can’t hold her up,” Lu Heting said with his lips.

“I can hold her up.
I can,” Gun Gun anxiously said in a low voice.

“What if you drop her, and she falls to the floor?” Lu Heting asked in a whisper.

Gun Gun lowered his head, looked at his own chubby short arms, and suddenly felt discouraged.

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Oh, no! He was much shorter than his daddy.

Lu Heting took Su Bei to her room, and put her on the bed.
She had worked hard all day today, so she should have a good rest.

Sleeping soundly, Su Bei looked peaceful and sweet with her eyes closed.
Her long eyelashes fluttered attractively.

Lu Heting lowered his head, and moved his face closer to hers.
She was like a beautiful flower, and his lips were like enticed butterflies that unconsciously approached her beautiful face.

But before his lips touched her skin, someone pulled his sleeve.

He raised his head and looked down only to find that Gun Gun had followed him in and was pulling his sleeve.

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With an aggrieved look on his little face, he said, “Daddy, you are bad! She’s my little cutie Bei Bei!”

His voice was firm but very low.
Although he was angry, he didn’t want to disturb Su Bei.

Lu Heting raised his hand to knead his eyebrows and took Gun Gun out.

Gun Gun shook his head angrily and thought inwardly, ‘Daddy is a liar.
He once agreed that I could marry Bei Bei, but he changed his mind later.

Now, things have even gotten worse.
He didn’t only hug Bei Bei but also kiss her.’

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