Chapter 158: Chapter 158 Putting Her on the Back Cover to Protect Her

Therefore, shortly after Lin Yu and Su Bei left, Feng Shang directly released several photos of them during the shooting to give back to Lin Yu’s fans.

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As expected, Lin Yu’s fans flocked on Weibo and praised his handsomeness.

His perfect face, youthful temperament, and outstanding figure made him far superior to a large number of young stars nowadays.

Those young stars were also handsome, but he had something that they didn’t have.

Wei Lan, the editor-in-chief of Feng Shang, was about to go on a holiday.
But since Lin Yu had arrived, and he had to shoot a short video tomorrow, how could she not be there?

So she immediately canceled her ticket and went straight to her office.
She gave up the opportunity to take a holiday.

The entire editorial department held a brief meeting, and everyone had agreed to give the chance to be on the front cover of their magazine to Lin Yu and Su Bei this time.

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Su Huixian and Zhuang Wenhao’s picture would be on the back cover.

The other four models and their partners would be on the inside pages.

When Su Huixian received the news, she was particularly shocked.
“Why are they going to put us on the back cover? You’ve promised me that I’ll stand in the middle of the other models and appear on the front cover.”

Wei Lan said regretfully, “Huixian, what we had at that time was a verbal agreement.
Yes, I said that you would be in the middle of the other models.
But do you think it’s appropriate to put Lin Yu on the back cover or on the inside pages? If I do that, do you think the others won’t be scolded? Huixian, I’m just protecting you.”

Su Huixian remained silent.
In the entertainment industry, fame and power were the most important things.
So now that Lin Yu was invited, Feng Shang couldn’t continue focusing on promoting her.
If they put her picture on the front cover, the other seniors would not feel good about it, and Lin Yu’s fans would definitely scold her harshly.

Indeed, Wei Lan was trying to protect Su Huixian.

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And no matter how reluctant Su Huixian was, it was an indisputable fact.

However, she was really unwilling to accept it.

Feng Shang’s 20th anniversary was something big.
But she could only be featured on the back cover of their magazine’s anniversary issue.
She had tried so hard to get along with relevant people before just to get here.
But she just ended up helping Su Bei.

However, she really couldn’t compete with Su Bei this time.
Lin Yu’s sudden appearance kept Feng Shang so busy.
It was as if everyone was busy picking up the pie that fell from the sky.

“Su Bei!” Su Huixian said through clenched teeth.

Since Lu Heting had created his account on Weibo, and paid special attention to Su Bei, he saw Lin Yu and Su Bei’s photos posted by Feng Shang.

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His attention was all on Su Bei.
His wife was smiling happily.
Her hair was so beautiful, and every dress she wore looked perfect on her.

He was very proud of her.
Of course, she was his wife!

He then looked at the comments below the photos to see how others praised his wife.

There were some buzzwords that Lu Heting couldn’t understand, so he had to search for them.

After finding the meanings of those words, his face darkened.

After all, the first comment was, “Wow! They look like a sweet couple.
Oh, my God! I want to fall in love again.”

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Although the following comments were interspersed with the words from Lin Yu’s fangirls, many people had also imagined that Lin Yu and Su Bei were a young couple.

“I can be single, but my idol must get married.
Lin Yu and Su Bei are so sweet as a couple!”

“Lin Yu is my boyfriend.
All the other fans, go away!”

“They look young and beautiful.
Oh my! I want them to be together.”

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