to watch Lin Yu.
But in the middle of the shooting, half of them were already looking at Su Bei, and the other half began to imagine that the two of them were a delightful young couple.

Su Bei did it! She and Lin Yu were so perfect for each other that they looked pleasing to the eye.

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Su Huixian clenched her fists.
Just like the onlookers around, she could clearly see that Su Bei and Lin Yu’s pictures were far superior to the other models’ pictures, including she and Zhuang Wenhao’s.

She and Zhuang Wenhao were both a little uptight.
They couldn’t do what Su Bei and Lin Yu did.
The two looked really natural and interesting.

The corners of Su Huixian’s mouth and eyes had Botox.
She did this to remove the lines on her face.
But because of this, she couldn’t make too many expressions at will.

Zhuang Wenhao, on the other hand, was a real actor.
He couldn’t possibly show vitality like Lin Yu.
It was totally incompatible with his own characteristics.

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Soon, Su Bei and Lin Yu finished the photo shoot.
Tomorrow, they would come back to shoot the short video.

“Su Bei, Lin Yu, you can go home and rest first.” Kang Peng was very satisfied with the photo shoot, and he was in a good mood.

The people around them were also satisfied.
It had been a long time since they enjoyed their work.
If this happened every day, they could work seven days a week.
They wouldn’t even ask for overtime pay.

Lv Shan walked towards Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, you invited Lin Yu.
Oh my God!”

So don’t worry about my work for the time being.” Su Bei smiled at her.
“But please, don’t use the close relationship between Lin Yu and me as the selling point.
Otherwise, we can’t be friends anymore.”

“I understand.” Lv Shan understood that it was really not easy to invite Lin Yu.
She was not stupid to offend him for some talking points.

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