Chapter 100: Chapter100 Producing Cost of Thirty Million Yuan

The store manager hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Manager Gao! Miss Su is interested in an SUV.”

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“Hello, Manager Gao,” Su Huixian also greeted with a smile.

“Hello, Miss Su,” Manager Gao greeted back politely.
But he didn’t seem to show any special treatment on her at all.

After saying hello to Su Huixian, he approached Su Bei and bowed respectfully.
“Miss Su, I heard that you want to buy a car.
This way, please.”

“Thank you, Manager Gao,” Su Bei said with a gentle smile.

While watching Manager Gao introduced some cars to Su Bei, the store manager was shocked.
Surprise was obviously written all over his plump face.

Didn’t Manager Gao know Su Huixian’s identity?

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It couldn’t possibly be! She had come to their shop with Su Xingfu and Du Luo before.

Su Huixian’s mood changed drastically, but she concealed it well.

In her heart, she couldn’t help muttering, ‘What does Manager Gao mean by doing this? Has Dad or Du Luo told him that they want to take Su Bei back home? That’s impossible! Su Bei has been so unfilial and disobedient.
They can’t like her again.’

Despite her thoughts, Su Huixian couldn’t help but follow them.
She wanted to know how Manager Gao would treat Su Bei.

Manager Gao led Su Bei to an SUV.
Of course, she also wanted to buy this kind of car.
As a supermodel, she was tall and long-legged.
An SUV was more suitable to her than a small car or a sports car.
Moreover, she also had to take her family into consideration.

Su Bei’s eyes lit up upon seeing the car in front of her.
Actually, she had been looking at it since she arrived here earlier.
This car was taller than the others, majestic, and eye-catching.

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The paint was also very exquisite.
It could be seen that both the design and the materials were full of unique thoughts.

Besides, not only the model but also the color was ideal for her.
It was not easy to find such a car.

It was as if what stood in front of her was not a car but her dream lover.
Everything was taken from her mind and built bit by bit according to her thoughts.

The car and her dream were integrated to such a high degree.

Thus, the moment she saw it, she knew at a glance that it was what she wanted.

Yes, she wanted it!

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“Miss Su, let me introduce this car to you.” Manager Gao saw the light in her eyes, so he smiled.

Su Bei smiled and asked, “How about the safety performance of this car?”

“Oh, it’s very safe! This car is equipped with a brake system unique in the world.
And its airbag has also been improved on international standards.
It will cause very minimal damage and provides maximum protection when it blows out.
The steel plate and the glass used in the car’s body are bulletproof, and its anti-collision ability is leading in the world.

Its intelligent system and driverless system are also of international standards verified by experts.”

As he spoke, Manager Gao’s eyes shone brightly.
He was the general manager, so he knew the advantages and values of this car too well.

He also loved cars, so he wished he could own such a car.

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Actually, two hours was not enough to talk about the benefits of this car.
Even its advantages sounded almost exaggerated.

It could be said that as long as this car was available in the market, any rich people who had tried it would definitely buy it despite its high price.

Its producing cost had reached an astonishing price of thirty million yuan.

Therefore, this model couldn’t be mass-produced.

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