ebral haemorrhage in the next second.

There were bursts of exclamations from the surrounding colleagues.

They didn’t think that they would be able to have front row seats to watch such a satisfying drama unfold without needing a movie ticket! 

After finishing speaking, Tao Zhiyue didn’t give Xue Huacan any extra glances.
He sat down on his own and put on his earphones to avoid being affected by the noise pollution.

Recalling the conversation with the CEO just now, Tao Zhiyue still felt dumbfounded.

Due to Big Brother HR’s nickname, he was misunderstood as wanting to change jobs, and that in itself was outrageous enough.

What was even more unexpected was that CEO Guo, who at this point probably had a few holes in his brain, still did not give up the conjecture that Tao Zhiyue was ‘the talented young master of a rich family who ran incognito to find a project to play with’.
He deeply reflected on the company’s current appearance-changing games that had potential for quick success and profit.
With tears in his eyes, CEO Guo recalled his original intentions back when he first entered the game industry.
There, he asked Tao Zhiyue if he wanted to attempt something that was more original, which was how the game exhibition was brought up.

Faced with CEO Guo’s expectant eyes, Tao Zhiyue could only respond affirmatively, but he couldn’t help but start to worry.
If this continued, he might have to change jobs again…

Moving was very tiring, Tao Zhiyue sighed silently.

After such a commotion, Tao Zhiyue didn’t really want to work anymore.
He opened the shopping software and was going to place an order to buy screen protectors for his mobile phone and computer.

When he was browsing the products, a message suddenly popped up on the PP app.

[HR: Doctor Tao, good morning! ]

[HR: I’m going to Jinbei City for a business trip next week.

[HR: Dense kitten smiling.jpg]

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