, and they were talking.


“You worked hard.”

“It was nothing.”


Nicole had been about to wave her hand when she saw Laveua’s eyes burn.
She saw that Blood Dagger was patting Kim Yoora’s head, and Yoora was looking down with a flushed face.
While Nicole normally would have cheered her on, she thought now was bad timing.
Even she could see that there was affection there.

Laveua’s face was growing cold again.


“I want to go.”

“No, Laveua.
You can be with him now!”

“Mother will call me to eat soon anyway.”

Laveua was looking at Kim Yoora like she wanted to eat her up.
Nicole nodded as she thought she would need to set up a meeting between the two.
As Laveua was young, she would feel better after a meal with Blood Dagger and Mev.
Nicole sighed as she thought she would not be able to draw more flags today as she chased after Laveua.



“What are you thinking, leader?”

“I was just thinking.”


Mev spoke to me as I lowered myself to the bed after a brief meeting.
We had been busy chasing after the Spider Clan.
While we had produced results, I could not reach the clan master yet.

We had caught the mage using explosive magic, and he had been found in one of Hunting Dog Clan’s lairs.
Kim Yoora had found the location using Jang Ye Ri’s information.
We had locked the mage up underground with Park Hyeri.

Kim Yoora seemed smarter than I had first thought, and I personally wanted to have her on as one of the core members.
I was feeling Ragia’s empty space more than ever.
While clan members followed Gark well, Ragia had handled each Green Skin more delicately.

Mev was fighting along with me, and Hakajin and Jung Hayeon were working too hard because we had so much going on.
However, I thought Kim Yoora would fill the gap after some time.



Mev came rushing at me as I was thinking about the future.



She rubbed her head on my chest, and it seemed she had missed spending time with me.
I hugged her as I sat up, as I wanted to spend time with Mev and my daughter together.
We had a lot to talk about.


“Where is Laveua?”

“She seems to be with Nicole.
I was about to call her to eat.”
“I am grateful to Nicole.”

“She seems to be taking care of Laveua well.”

Mev nodded with a bright smile as she seemed to have wanted to spend time with Laveua.
She was not a strict mother as she was not used to scolding or raising a child.
I had also been absent, and while I had spent much time with her as a baby, I had to go outside of the clan often from when she began to speak.

Also, I did not want to give her special treatment, as there were too many Green Skins here without parents.
I thought it would disrupt the peace among the Green Skins.
The fact that I was not a good father made me feel bitter.


“I will go then.”


Mev went out to get Laveua, and thinking about my daughter again made me smile.
I was happy about her but surprised at how fast she grew.
Also, my daughter was smarter and had more magic as she had Mev’s blood.
I thought she got my personality.

She was quiet in front of me, but I had heard about her antics.
I thought I should not let her go on like this, as everyone else in the clan was giving her special the treatment I was not giving to her.

I thought I should talk about this to Black Spear, and Laveua came with Mev then.




I could see Laveua come at me like Mev did and saw that she was looking at me with teary eyes.
I thought I had been too indifferent towards her.

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