“Let me down.”


Laveua’s voice was cold, and Nicole knew that Laveua did not like Kim Yoora.
However, she seemed colder than usual, and Nicole got down from her wolf as Kim Yoora came down from hers.
The wolf brothers now wagged their tails as they played with one another.
However, Nicole was unnerved as she watched Kim Yoora speak in a careful tone to Laveua.


“Do you need anything, Laveua?”



Nicole bit her teeth as Laveua turned her eyes.
She felt sorry for her friend, as Kim Yoora, like all members of the Blood Dagger Clan, respected Blood Dagger and wanted to be friends with Laveua.



Laveua took a step back as Kim Yoora stepped forward, and Nicole just looked down at the ground uneasily.


“Laveua, will you play the card game you like?”

“Do it alone.”

“How about…”

“I said, no!”


Nicole was surprised at how vehement Laveua was.
She did not understand why Laveua was acting like that, but Kim Yoora was still smiling, albeit uneasily.
Kim Yoora still seemed happy that Laveua was speaking to her.


“When will Father come?”

“He and Mev are coming now.
They told me I should go first.
Let’s go back and wait together.”

“I will wait here.”

“Then let’s do so together.”


Nicole felt uncomfortable.
She saw a bit of herself in Laveua, as she had felt rivalry against Yoora when her friend had come at first since she had been an only child.
She had especially felt that when Blood Dagger stroked Kim Yoora’s hair.
Blood Dagger had been special to her as a father figure.

She cringed whenever she remembered her first fight with Kim Yoora, which she had lost.

Nicole thought Laveua was jealous, as all Green Skins knew that Blood Dagger favored Kim Yoora.
However, Kim Yoora was the only child to go on expeditions because she proved herself.
She was smart and noble, and that was the reason why she was in this place.
That was why Kim Yoora was in a difficult position.

“What did you do out there.”



“I am sorry that I can only tell you that we have only hunted…”


Nicole knew that there were secrets only the higher-ups were privy to.


“Tell me quickly.”

“I am sorry…but Blood Dagger has told me it is a secret…”

“Laveua, it is Blood Dagger’s command.
Yoora cannot speak.”


Nicole had to intervene, and Laveua stopped as she knew she could not say anything more.
A few minutes passed before Orbo and Minotaur came first with other Clan members.
As the heavy axe was still bloody, it seemed that they had been in a fight just before.

Gark and Hark were protecting them from the right and left flanks, and they were like swords themselves.

Nicole waved her hand, and Hark waved back.
She then saw Baek Ahyeon, who was Blood Dagger’s third woman.
She then saw Blood Dagger come with warriors behind his back.
He looked dignified with his weapons, and she saw that Kim Yoora’s face had turned red.

Nicole smiled as she thought she knew what her friend thought as she opened her mouth.


“Blood Dagger is the most handsome Green Skin around.”

“He is, isn’t he?”


Nicole’s smile widened as she saw Kim Yoora nod.
It was fun to tease her friend.


“So, you like…”

“No, Nicole, it’s not that!”


While Kim Yoora shook her hands desperately, Nicole could not hide her smile.
Laveua fluttered her wings as she approached Blood Dagger.


“For Blood Dagger!”


The guards were welcoming Blood Dagger back, and the members all welcomed him back.





While Laveua went up to Blood Dagger with a bright smile, Blood Dagger could not pat her hair as he was covered in blood.
It seemed that the battle had been fierce, and he did not want to get Laveua dirty.
Instead, Mev hugged Laveua.



“He cannot hug you like that right now.
Let’s go together.”

“But I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“Let’s play with him when we eat.
Stay with the Goblins first.”


“Laveua…! Listen to me!”


Nicole thought Mev had become an adult, as she was now the mistress of the Clan.
Nicole thought Laveua would quiet down for a while, at least before Blood Dagger went on his next expedition.
Laveua did find a few people difficult in the clan.

The first one was her father Blood Dagger, as while she did cling to him, she acted like a lamb in front of him.
The second was Jang Ye Ri, the mysterious woman who came to the clan once in a while.
Laveua was scared of her.
The third was Jung Hayeon, who was Laveua’s magic teacher.
She was strict and Laveua was scared of her as a result.
The fourth was Mev, her mother.
Anyone else was prey for Laveua.
While she was wary of Goff and Black Spear, they did not visit Laveua unless they had to come for some other reason.

The result was that everyone eagerly waited for Blood Dagger more than ever, and Nicole could see that the Goblin sisters and Hakajin were happy.


“Blood Dagger has arrived!”
“He has arrived! For Blood Dagger!”


Hakajin lifted both hands in joy.
Blood Dagger slowly opened his mouth as everyone welcomed him.


“We will start our meeting after we wash.
Orbo, Hakajin, the Goblin sisters, Gark, Hark, Jung Hayeon, Baek Ahyeon, and Kim Yoora.
Others, do your duty.”

“For Blood Dagger.”


The clan meeting was held more often recently, and the participants were those who led the Blood Dagger Clan.
This was the first time Kim Yoora had been called to a meeting, and everyone’s gaze focused on her.

Other adults and warriors nodded, which meant she had the right.
Nicole smiled at her friend, and as everybody returned to their positions, she saw Laveua walk up slowly.

She looked lonely, and her eyes were filled with tears.
Nicole thought Laveua was sad that she could not spend time with her father or that Kim Yoora had been invited to the meeting.

Nicole could not help but go to Laveua as she did not want that young Green Skin to be so sad.




“Don’t cry, Laveua.
Adult Green Skins told me that crying would not make you stronger!”

“I am not…!”


Nicole felt Laveua’s shoulder shake as she hugged her and thought they needed to talk.
She guided Laveua gently to where the previous sub-leader of the clan’s gravestone stood.

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