Chapter 194 Childbirth


[While Blood Dagger had not left many offspring compared to other tribe leaders, most of his sons and daughters were big names among Green Skins… An interesting anecdote is that Blood Dagger’s first offspring by High Fairy Queen Mev and Kim Yoora had not been on good terms, unlike what history books say.
While the records of this era have been lost, the two had drifted far apart due to an incident that may be listed later on…]


“About Mev…!”


I immediately stood up to dress, and Jang Ye Ri followed suit.
Baek Ahyeon spoke on like she was trying to speak as quickly as possible.


“Her contractions have started…!”


While I was surprised, I also knew Baek Ahyeon would not act like this unless that was the reason.
Mev was earlier than my expectations, and my head was in turmoil.
Baek Ahyeon immediately went out of the tent, and when I got out with Jang Ye Ri, I felt that the tribe was in a buzz.
Everyone seemed nervous, and I guessed that I was the most anxious.


“Are you all right?”


I nodded as Jang Ye Ri spoke to me.
She did not say anything else as she realized that I was in a rush.
I saw many Green Skins near Mev’s tent.
Mev would be inside with goblin mothers and Baek Ahyeon.
I walked in as it was natural for Green Skin fathers to be present at childbirth.
The other Green Skins moved to let me go in and became silent.
I heard screams inside the tent.


“Ahhh! It hurts!”

“Mev! Go on!”


I heard many voices and knew that Mev would feel pain.
Her body was tiny, and she was giving birth to another.
I saw Mev, goblins, and Baek Ahyeon as I went inside.
Mev was lying down in the center of tent and she reached out with one of her hands upon seeing me.



Her crying made me feel pain, and I felt anxious at her expression.
I knew nothing about childbirth, and the only ones I could depend on were the goblins.
I wished that I had a human doctor here just so I could ask him or her some questions.
However, I decided to focus on the present.

I grabbed Mev’s hand, as I knew that the only thing that I could do was this.
Mev also grabbed my hand, and it seemed that things were only beginning.

Everyone was speaking to Mev to encourage her, and I wiped her forehead and dry lips with a wet towel.


“Breathe! Breathe!”


Meve breathed in and out with tears in her eyes.


“We see the head! Breathe again!”


Mev continued to scream and was shouting insults at me.
She had been the one who wanted the pregnancy, and I could not guess the pain she was feeling.
I knew that the head coming out was a good thing, but the next step would be even more painful.




She was now punching me with her small fists, and I just stared at her while wiping her forehead.
How painful must this be for her to do this?




Mev let out a shout, and I felt her willpower as she continued to follow the goblins’ instructions.
I thought Mev would not remember what went on here afterward.
Baek Ahyeon was here to give Mev strength, and time was flying fast.
Mev had only let out short shouts when she had been hit by arrows, and now she was screaming for four hours.
No one left during that time, and her hair was now damp with sweat.




The goblins started mumbling again after a particularly large shout.


“The baby is almost out! Breathe Mev!”


Mev clenched her teeth and gave another burst of strength, and I felt that some pain had lifted from her expression.
I patted her hair and looked at the mother goblin who was handling a baby high fairy.

It was then I heard a cry, and time seemed to slow down for a moment.
The mother goblins gently washed the baby before opening their mouth.


“A daughter!”

“Mev has given birth to Blood Dagger’s heir!”


I heard shouts from outside, and I looked at Mev to see her eyes shine with emotion.
She hugged me tightly and let out a low wail, which made me smile.
The baby was breathing regularly, and the goblins handed her to me with a smile.
They seemed to want me to cut off the umbilical cord.

My hand shook at realizing that this was my child.
I was anxious to see my daughter move her limbs without opening her eyes.
The baby moved again as I cut the cord, and while I wanted to hold onto her a bit longer, today was not the day.

I saw Mev look at the newly born baby with bright eyes like she was staring at a jewel.
She took the baby with shaking hands like me, and Mev started to cry the moment her daughter was in her arms.


“Leader, leader…”


Mev continued to call me as she stared at the child, and she seemed better as Baek Ahyeon continued to give her strength.
I felt my heart fill up.
I reached out to Mev and the child, and then the mother goblins slowly opened the door.


“Blood Dagger’s child is born! She is Blood Dagger and Mev’s child!”

One of the mother goblins shouted as the members cheered.
Everyone seemed happy, and Mev slowly handed my daughter to me after holding her for a long time.
I lifted her with a smile, and the cute kid wriggled slightly.
The tribe members started to shout cheers.


“For Blood Dagger!”

“Blood Dagger’s heir is born!”


The voices rang across the village, and I slowly opened my mouth.
Even though I had decided on her name, I could not speak because I was too emotional.


“Her name will be Laveua.”


She was my first child.

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