Chapter 192 We Will Live On


The tribe was downcast, and I did not stand in front of Ragia’s grave after the first day.
While I knew it would take time, I thought I needed to retain my focus.
I had not gotten out of the tent for about two days, and it had been enough time to think about quite a few things.
I examined myself as I felt I had changed after Ragia’s death.


[A High-Class Demon (The Eighth Seat of the Eight Sins) – Weapon Expert]

[An individual orgasm which has received the power of the Eighth Seat of the Eight Sins.
This individual is a mythical being called Despair and only spoken in legends.
While the power is still dormant, time will solve that problem.
Your magic limits increase by a lot.]


While my appearance had not changed, I felt an increase in power and some other mysterious force in me.
It seemed that this power was irrelevant to my race, which was something I had not thought possible before.
While I was still uncertain, I thought that maybe those with incredible power like the Holy Sword or the North Queen had this third power.
I thought it would be a huge bonus for me even though I did not know what the result would be.

I fisted my hands at realizing I had become stronger.
I went out of the tent as there was a meeting.
We had already stored the items from the fight with the Spider Clan and saw members working what needed to be done.

I nodded as everyone greeted me and saw that those who had been close to the Green Skins who I had avenged sincerely thanked me.
I slowly moved to the underground prison I had prepared for Park Hyeri.
I saw darkness, heard moans, and smelled a hideous odor.
Park Hyeri was mumbling something to herself as I came near her, and I realized she was asking for her leader.

I stomped on the floor as hearing her voice irritated me, and Park Hyeri realized only then that I had come.


“You, you damn…”


While her voice was feverous, there was nothing that she could do.


“You do not need to ask, as I will bring your clan leader even though she will ignore you…”

“I will kill you! You…!”

It seemed that Park Hyeri was going to place all of her anger on me, and I liked it better.
Having her hate me was actually enjoyable.
I went out as I had nothing to say and saw a familiar face waiting for me.
Lee Wanyong seemed to want something from me.
He used to wait for me like this after finishing necessary preparations when he wanted something.
I saw that he held several pieces of leather with writing on them.
Lee Wanyong spoke as I glared at him.


“What do you want?’

“I… about the underground prison…”

“You can manage it.”


While Lee Wanyong seemed like he wanted to say more, I did not want to hear about it.
It seemed he was excited about making a profit, but I left a warning.


“Do not kill her, as her death means you will be the one imprisoned there.”

“Yes, of course!”


Lee Wanyong continued to nod, but he had a smile on his face.
It was not bad for him to act like this when I needed to fill Ragia’s place.
I first needed to place another one as the subleader.
Ragia had been an efficient subleader and had managed to control the tribe when I had business elsewhere.
She had been cool and rational in her decisions, and while Hakajin was smart enough, he was not rational enough.
While he would be able to oversee the entire clan, he would not be able to bring them together as a leader.

Mev was not a suitable candidate, as she was excellent as the mistress of the clan.
She would also need to take care of the child after birth.
Orbo was trustworthy, but not wily enough.
The strongest candidates were Jung Hayeon and Gark.
The former had worked with me from the beginning and had the qualifications.
She was smart, strong, and had worked hard for the clan.
Even though she depended on me too much, she had the abilities.

While Gark also depended on me too much, he was the most responsible Green Skin I knew.
I pondered over this question for a while and found my answer.
I went to the plaza in the middle of the clan and saw they were waiting for me as I had told them what I would announce today.


“For Blood Dagger!”


While we felt Ragia’s absence, the others stood strong and were ready to hear my words.


“The new subleader is Gark.”

I thought Gark would be able to bring the tribe together as a leader.
While everyone looked surprised, Gark was looking at me with an open mouth.
However, I knew he had the qualifications.


“I will do my best.”


Gark placed his hand on his chest, and I knew he would need much help and make mistakes.
However, he would overcome them.
I nodded to Gark and saw Hark was also nodding.


“Hark, Hakajin, I know that you will help Gark.”


Hark and Hakajin both nodded and murmured their consent.
All of them were like family to me.
I had known I had to become stronger to gain what I wanted, but now I wanted to become stronger to protect them.
We fall, get hurt, stand, and fight.
That was how Green Skins lived.
We cried and laughed, and life went on.
The Great Tribe Leader Agar’s words rang in my head.

I opened my mouth to my tribe members and spoke what was actually quite trivial.
However, I felt it was necessary to say it at this timing.


“We will live on, brothers and sisters.”

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