Chapter 189 Ragia


Gark had become stronger.
He looked like he had achieved something, and I had not thought he would win.
I only hoped he would remain alive until I got to him.
Gark raised a hand to his chest, and I nodded in return.


“You are now stronger.
I can depend on you.”


Gark looked down on himself rather than answering me.
I tapped his shoulder, and he started to shake.
Now was not the time to talk about the fight or compliment him, as Park Hyeri was still not far away.
As she was still bleeding from where I had slashed her, I could sense the direction she was headed.


“How did you come here?”

“Ragia told me to go.”

“Where is she?”

“She is coming with those who can heal.
I had been ordered to come here as quickly as possible.”


I started to run as Park Hyeri was headed in the opposite direction to where Hark was, and if she had heard the sounds Ragia and the healers had made, she would have gone there.
While Ragia would have made necessary precautions, Park Hyeri’s reach went far.


“Go help Mirror Blade.
Run if things are bad.
The mage is not that important, and don’t overdo things.”

“For Blood Dagger.”


I felt Park Hyeri move, and she seemed determined to kill my comrades for revenge.
I remembered the last time she had done so, and my legs ran faster.
I felt Park Hyeri getting near a small group of Green Skins.
I had accepted Ragia as family, and I felt blood in my mouth in my hurry to get to her.



Ragia moved as quickly as possible because she felt anxiety she could not place.
She had felt such premonitions from the start, and it was difficult to breathe.
Ragia had sent separate messages to Baek Ahyeon, Jung Hayeon, and Orbo.
They were hunting in the Eastern Forest because of this nervousness.
Those who could not fight would just be a nuisance.
She had therefore chosen Gark and Hark, but she still felt dissatisfied.
Ragia now thought this feeling had to do with something sad that would happen to her, making her think of Blood Dagger.


“Ragia, how about going to check…”

“No, we wait until Half Blade and Mirror Blade comes.
Those who can heal, save your magic while those who can hide us maintain their spells.”


Even as she gave those orders, Ragia knew she was one of those who could not fight.
Ragia did not want to hinder Blood Dagger, but her training with Gark still did not show results.

It was then she felt someone coming to her, and another one followed.
She knew that the second one was Blood Dagger, and his movements told her he was chasing the one coming to her group now.

Ragia knew they were targeted, and while she did feel relief at sensing Blood Dagger, she now faced an emergency.
She thought she would not have come out like this before when she had prioritized her survival.
Ragia knew the woman coming to her was too strong for her, but Ragia did not run.

Ragia remembered that Blood Dagger had told her she resembled him the most.
If she ran, she might live, but the spellcasters would die.
Ragia opened her lips like Blood Dagger had three years ago.


“Go back.
We do not need to be here as Blood Dagger is safe.”


“No questions.”


Ragia was shaking in fear as she grabbed her dagger, as she felt her death approaching.
However, another thought sprang up.


‘I am the sub-leader of the Blood Dagger Clan.”


She had to protect.
The human now sprang towards her, and blood spurted all over Ragia’s body when their daggers met with a crashing sound.
She managed not to die using her unique ability, but her body shook.
However, Ragia did not step back.


“You’re the same.
I’ll kill all of you.
Die, since I don’t have time.”


Ragia fought more desperately as she heard the human’s voice.
She knew she would die, but if Blood Dagger came, the others would be saved.
She managed to evade an attack, but the human cut off her arm with a curse.
Ragia used her tail to grab the human’s leg, and while the woman thrust a dagger in her eye, Ragia kept her gaze straight.



“Please wait here with me.”

“Crazy snake bitch.
I don’t care for the rest now.
Let’s kill you slowly.”


Ragia smiled despite her tail and finger being cut off.
She felt the dagger in her stomach and knew she was nearing her limit.
To think that she would be here doing a thing like this.
It was stupid, but she had no regrets.


“He would be angrier if he finds you like this, won’t he?”


Ragia felt fresh wounds, but she did not lose her smile.
She remembered him telling her form was beautiful.
Ragia hoped he would see her smiling as her eyes grew dim.
She could not move but felt a welcome presence nearing her.
That made Ragia grab the human’s ankle with her ragged tail.


“You’re persistent.”


It was then she felt a hot fire that actually warmed her.
She saw the demon look at her rigidly, and Ragia held out a hand despite knowing she could not reach him.
She felt like he was getting away.

Wait for me, she murmured.
However, she could not speak anymore, and blood gushed out from her stomach as she tried to speak.
Ragia smiled again as she realized she was dying.

The Blood Dagger Clan had been fun despite all of its difficulties.
Ragia had enjoyed teasing Mev, as her reactions were amusing.
She had not really wanted to fight Mev but had been just a bit jealous of her being pregnant with his child.

She was grateful to Hakajin, who had always helped her when things were too busy.
She became friends with Baek Ahyeon and Jung Hayeon, who cared for him and would continue to do so.
She thanked everyone she had met in the clan, as they had all given her something.

Had she been able to give anything in return? She had worked hard but did not want to know the answer.
Ragia looked at Blood Dagger again.


‘Thank you.’


Ragia would have never known a feeling like this if not for him.
She realized she actually had wanted to stand next to him instead of following behind.
What saddened her was that she did not have more time to know the depth of her emotions and could not continue to be with him anymore.
She murmured something and closed her eyes.

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