Chapter 187 A Bloody Revenge (2)


I did not intend to fight them face to face.
I would manage two at the maximum, but I did not want to give up on my revenge, either.
I wanted to kill them here since I did not know whether I would have another opportunity.
I at least wanted to kill Park Hyeri.


“You bastard!”


I turned around to run and heard shouts from behind.
I needed to recover and assess the situation first.
The mage stopped casting as he probably thought I was running away.

While I did not know why they were there, I could guess it had to do with the meeting between the four leaders.
There may have been a traitor.
Also, it was highly probable that the Spider Clan had a teleporter if they were to go there from here.

I used the ring to communicate with Jang Ye Ri while getting farther away from my enemies’ attacks.


[You called? It’s nice timing as I am waiting for others.]

[Get out of there.
The meeting place has been exposed.
I met the Spider Clan, and it seems that they plan to go to your meeting place.
It seems like a trap, and be careful of the West or the South…]


I turned the communication off after saying the necessary things as I needed to save as much magic as I could.
I thought the Holy Sword of the West, who had organized this meeting, may have told the Spiders.
It was highly probable that either the Holy Sword or the King of the South would have promised them reinforcement.
Perhaps the Spiders had gotten a request to kill and were acting on it.


“I’ll kill you off.”


Park Hyeri was coming with her daggers, and I started to maintain a certain distance from them with my spear.
If I wanted to run, only she and Lee Hyunhak could come after me.
Lee Hyunhak struck at me with his longsword, and I threw a dagger that I had picked up.
I then pretended to throw it at Lee Hyunhak before throwing it at the mage, which Go Woongjin had to block.

I attacked Lee Hyunhak with my spear, but Park Hyeri came at me with her dagger as he blocked my attack.
I changed the spear to Levatain to summon flames.
However, I did not have enough magic to burn Lee Hyunhak as he easily evaded them.

I still had Dainsleif, but now was too early.
I could still buy time, and I thought of the Queen of the North as I gripped my spear.
I still remembered the way she moved.

I used my spear again to distance myself, and while I could not avoid all of Park Hyeri’s sound attacks, I succeeded on that account.
It seemed the Spiders were rushing things, as they needed to go soon.


“We need to go now.”


The mage’s words made them lower their swords, and Park Hyeri looked at me with indignant eyes.
However, I did not plan for them to go.

I activated Dainsleif and shot a blade of blood towards them.
While Lee Hyunhak and Park Hyeri would avoid the attack, I needed to start wounding them.
So, I flew towards them and reached out to the mage.

Go Woongjin swung his mace, and the swing would have killed me in an instant.
I changed my weapon from Dainsleif to Levatain to Dainsleif again to increase the possibility of landing a critical hit.
He did not know about me and was about to grab my sword with his hand as he was sure of his power.
That was his mistake.


“You fool.”


Blood spurted out of Go Woongjin’s arm, and I was disappointed I did not cut it off.
However, his blood was under my control, and I blocked Lee Hyunhak’s attack with it.
I moved as I wanted to attack them one by one.
The mage would not be able to use his magic as much as he could sense they were close together, and I dived into the forest.

Park Hyeri followed me, and I could block Lee Hyunhak’s attacks, but the mage started using his explosion spells again.

I needed to get away from the exploding orbs and used the blood to shoot a thorn at the mage.
Go Woongjin blocked my obvious attack, but my priority was to hinder the mage’s control over his spell.

The red orbs were like bombs, and I threw a dagger into one far away to see it explode.
The power of the spell was worth the wait.

Park Hyeri now charged me again, and I heard a screeching sound as I swung my sword.
She had used her unique ability, and while I bled all over, I could still see clearly.

The attack that was to come would be painful.
Lee Hyunhak swung his sword brimming with magic to cut me in half through the blood wall.
I used my spear to parry the attack and stepped back using the recoil.
However, Park Hyeri came with the dagger.
I used my longsword to block her since I thought enduring another sound attack was better than death.

I burned my wounds that sprang up with Levatain and used the blood pooling on the ground to shoot arrows at Park Hyeri.
I managed to buy some time, and Lee Hyunhak looked at me with amused eyes.


“You really are strong.”



Park Hyeri held a hand on her bleeding side as she came to me again.
I could not see the mage, who seemed to be preparing a spell.
Go Woongjin was coming with heavy steps.
I did not set up soundproof walls for Park Hyeri’s attack, as I needed magic more than stamina.
I would endure attacks that would not kill me.


“It’s time.
The master…”
“That demon seems set on not letting us go.”


The two men talked as they moved like they were waiting for the mage.
I needed to get out of the spell range, but Park Hyeri was pursuing me.
I thought Lee Hyunhak made things the most difficult for me, as one of his attacks cut off my ear.
However, I also managed to wound Go Woongjin again.

My enemies’ wounds gave me power, but I needed time to recover my magic to use Levatain and Aegis once more.

I was careful, but a spear of fire came at me at cutthroat speed.
The mage had finished his spell, and the other three charged me so I would be hit by the spear.
Go Woongjin pushed me back while Park Hyeri’s attacks showered over me.
I had been about to use Aegis when another burning spear was cut into two in mid-air.

It lost its direction and crashed to the ground with a loud boom.
I thought I had seen this before.
I now saw an ogre with a massive longsword who had cut the spear.
I heard the Green Skin fighting with Lee Hyunhak and knew who he was.
I was not the only one who wanted payback.


“For Blood Dagger.”


I let my teeth saw on seeing Gark, the best swordsman of my clan.

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