Chapter 178 Jang Ye Ri’s Visit (2)


“Your wife should meet your lovers.
I want to end things quickly as we don’t have time.”


I could not help guessing that a battle would break out and was terrified.
Many Green Skins would know that she had come, which meant Mev, Jung Hayeon, and Baek Ahyeon would know of this.
While Green Skins were not normally jealous, Mev was in a sensitive period and may be nervous.


“Let’s eat first…”

“No, thank you.
I already ate.
I had not looked around since I wanted to come here first.
Explain if you can.”


We went out, and Jang Ye Ri looked around with bright eyes.
She was most curious about the children’s playground, and I was surprised at the softness of her smile at the young playing around.
She had also been interested in the large bones and the training Green Skins.
Jang Ye Ri did rule a city.


“Jang Gi Young had been preparing to hunt this, and it is big.
Your training seems effective, and are they the newcomers?”

“Yes, they are doing well.”

“Their training seems well regulated.”


We had been walking about the village like that when I saw Mev and the other two women from afar.
Mev stood out as she was guarded by the three goblin sisters and had a crown on her head.
Her stomach showed that she was pregnant.
Baek Ahyeon also came from behind, and she was with Mev like she thought Jang Ye Ri a dangerous enemy.

Jung Hayeon was her usual self and looked like Mev had dragged her here.
Mev did not come running to hug me but spoke in a dignified voice.
Jung Hayeon translated her words for her, despite the fact Mev was speaking to me.

“Have you rested?”

Her benevolent smile seemed strange, and it felt like a mask about to slip.


“I would have prepared a banquet as the mistress of this clan if I had known of this guest, and I am sorry for that.”

It seemed like Baek Ahyeon had orchestrated this affair, and I looked at Jang Ye Ri.
She seemed to be cool despite their efforts.
Jang Ye Ri did rule a city, and she would not be cowered by a trick like this.
She snickered, and Mev seemed surprised as Jang Ye Ri spoke up.


“So, that’s her.”


I nodded at her words.


“I’m relieved.”


“I would appreciate it if the Alaune kept translating.”


Jang Ye Ri nodded like she could not refuse, and Mev looked like she had not wanted this situation.
She would have desired Jang Ye Ri to go on her knees in respect and ask for her permission as she carried my heir.


“I had been nervous, as I had not thought my mate had a child before I met him.
Also, fairies are known for their beauty, so…”


It was past tense, and that meant she was no longer nervous.
Mev also opened her mouth.


“What do you mean?”

“You’re a child in all accounts.”

Jang Ye Ri was absolutely belittling Mev as she looked up and down at her.
I could not help looking back and forth at the two but waited for the situation to pass.
I knew that getting in between women was not a wise choice at any time.

Jung Hayeon translated with a laugh, and Mev’s eyes became teary while Baek Ahyeon looked flabbergasted at a city’s ruler saying such things.
Jang Ye Ri spoke on as Mev’s mouth was still open.


“You were lucky, as I know what my mate prefers in women.
He like mature women, and you fairy, are still only a girl in my eyes.
While I do like cute things, you’re only that.
You and the woman behind you are the same.
Look at me.”


Jang Ye Ri straightened and folded her arms, which showcased the curves in her body.
Baek Ahyeon’s face turned pale, and Jung Hayeon nodded while translating.


“Yes, that Alaune over there has a nice figure.”


It was Jang Ye Ri’s second attack and the moment Mev’s ally turned to an enemy.
Baek Ahyeon was in a panic, but it was Mev who surprisingly saved her.
While Mev may have cried, she got her composure back after being consoled by the goblin sisters.
She was now confident, but her dignified mask now disappeared.


“I heard that…you ruled over a human city.
I am not belittling you, but I am the first mistress of the Blood Dagger Clan as I have the first heir.
You need to show me more respect and courtesy…”

Mev sniffled but said the right things.
Jang Ye Ri did not reply to Mev’s sharp words, but she still looked confident.


“The order is not the important issue.
Who fits him best is what’s important here.”


Jang Ye Ri pushed her hair back to show her broken horns.
While she would have been embarrassed to show them, I could see that she really wanted to win.


“I am a demon like your mate and am free to be pregnant, which you deem so important.
I can give birth once a year and twenty in twenty years.
I am also healthy and strong, which I heard were important factors for Green Skins.
How about it!”



Mev’s mask broke apart, and I could not ignore her coming to me in tears.
Therefore, I began to calm her down, which made Jang Ye Ri irritated.
No one won or lost, but everyone seemed to be hurt.
I must have looked astonished as this was my first time that I had been in such a fight.



Jang Ye Ri seemed surprised at Mev’s words that had come despite that fight.


“Since you’re a guest who has seen him after waiting a long time, I will give you tonight.
Let the mother goblins prepare.”

“Thank you.”


Mev had made a decision for the clan and the new member.
It was nice to have permission from the official mistress of the clan.
Jang Ye RI seemed to feel guilty as she opened her mouth right after coming in like Mev had done with the Green Skin marks.


“I now realize why you trust that fairy.
She is small but wise.”

“She is.”


I nodded, as Mev was independent and wise despite her attitude to me.
However, I knew that it was not manners to think of her when facing Jang Ye Ri, and I now saw her almost nude body.
She was always confident, and her snowy white skin and flushed cheeks came into my eyes.

I realized that Jang Ye Ri was alluring me with a crossed leg or leaning forward, but she was still a queen as I pulled her towards me.

“It has been a long time, my independent mate.”

I could not say anything to that since it was true, but Jang Ye Ri stopped there.


“I wanted to ambush you that first time but thought that you would not like it.”

“I would have welcomed it.”
“That pleases me, as you seem to be telling the truth.
I will ask you if you really think so.”


“I have waited…”


I did not know what she would say, but her eyes were swallowing me up.


“So, satisfy me.”


Her words challenged me.

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