Chapter 172 For the East


“What will you do?”

“I’m still thinking.
Three years is long but becoming stronger is not a bad idea.”

“I cannot understand waiting for three years after passing the tests.”

“Protecting other clan members is more important, Apachi.
It pains me to say it, but we managed to tie because we were together.”

“I am already strong, Crugar!”


The new Green Skins were sitting in their designated tents and were talking now.
While the rash org, Apachi would think differently, Crugar, the wise orc sorcerer, thought waiting for three years was not a bad idea.
Crugar smiled a bit since other leaders seemed to agree with him.


“Crugar, which tribe will you choose? There are many.”

“We all know that this land is divided into North, South, East, and West.
There are plains in the center-left and the forest on the center-right.
While the Great Leader lives in the South, there are other influential leaders here.
There are four large tribes, and the first is orc Sand Glave’s clan.
I heard they lived somewhere in the desert, and all members are known to be able warriors who are not afraid of death.
However, since they are taking care of those who had come before us, we cannot choose him this time.”

“That’s a shame.”

“The second is the Green Goblin of the East and the Minotaur of the Plains.
While the former is not that large, since the Earth Wave clan is allied with them, they are said to live a balanced life with the human city there.”


Another Green Skin raised his hand.


“What about the North?”

“North is centered around White Silver Fang, a werewolf.
If there are warriors who can go against the harsh North, it’s not a bad idea.”


“The last is the East.
Blood Dagger, Goff, and Black Spear have become brothers and won against the monster to attain the land.
While we cannot choose Black Spear, Blood Dagger is smart, and Goff is strong.
The Big Org Clan near the forest is also a named clan.”

Crugar spoke again as everyone nodded.


“While the choice is yours, size does not guarantee that you will learn much.
They may not have time to take care of you individually, so a small clan may also be a good choice.”

“You’re wise, Crugar.
What clan will you go to?”

“I’m thinking of Goff.”


“I am curious about how the three leaders live in the East.
Except for Black Spear, they have been here for only three years.
However, gaining such power means that they have something different from other Green Skins.”


While other Green Skins were strong, Crugar felt something different from Blood Dagger.
He had chosen Goff because while he thought he was more similar to Blood Dagger, something about the demon made him nervous.


“I, Apachi, will chose Blood Dagger.”

“You have to think things carefully, Apachi.”

“I am not following you, Crugar.
I want to test Blood Dagger since three years is a long time.”


Crugar felt a headache.
Apachi was strong but rash.
He worried about Apachi requesting a duel to Blood Dagger and the aftermath affecting him.


“They are strong and respectable Green Skins, Apachi.
Don’t think nonsense.”

“I will see it myself.”

“I warned you, Apachi.”

“Crugar, you’re a coward.
I am different from you.”


Crugar regretted being together with Apachi from the tests.
Apachi seemed to have already made his decision, and while his confidence had brought results in the past, Crugar did not think it would work this time.
The sorcerer prayed that he would not do anything unnecessary.



I thought things over and realized that others thought that we three were the main tribe of the East.
 Other tribe leaders of the East came up to greet us, and I was happy that they respected our clan.
I thought Mev would be happy.
Since Jang Ye Ri and we were unofficial allies, we seemed to have the East under control.
Goff and Black Spear also looked joyful.


“Things will get busier.”

“More interesting.”


We were a step closer to our dream, and while the East had grown weaker in whole was a problem, it was merely a problem to overcome.
I spoke to them while walking along.


“Have others talked to you?”

“No, but since we’ve become famous, there were curious gazes.”


“Considering our current situation, we would need to control the Green Skins who would cause disorder if they came to us, especially as we have humans in our tribe.”


Black Spear was right, and I wished for quiet Green Skins to come to us rather than bloodthirsty ones.
I thought no one would choose Green Goblin again this time.

We had been walking when things became busy.
The newcomers were going somewhere together.
I thought their adjustability was not bad.
They had come to use, and the orc in front opened his mouth on seeing me.


“Power, wisdom, and honor.”

“Power, wisdom, and honor.”

He seemed to be excited and had something to say to me.
I realized that the orc was the leader among them, as others were looking at him expectantly.


“I am Apachi, Blood Dagger.”

“What do you want?”

“To say bluntly, I want to spend three years under you.”



While he seemed bloodthirsty, it was nice to know that one had chosen me.
I saw that he had trained much and looked like he could enjoy a fight but also be smart about it.
He was not a bad choice.
Goff was looking at me with envy while I spoke to Apachi.


“You will make the choice tomorrow.”

“I know that, Blood Dagger.
I have decided to be under you but do not know you at all.
I know that you’re a great warrior, but I don’t know whether I belong under you.
Can I request a duel?”


The guy was crazy, and I did not want him at all in my clan.
The others in his group were looking at us expectantly.
Goff and Black Spear were looking at Apachi with astounded eyes, as everything from magic to charisma told us that he had no chance against me.
Gark also looked flabbergasted.


“You have no right, and I, Half-Blade will fight you.”


Gark looked excited, but Apachi’s response told me that this one had to be the craziest Green Skin I had ever seen.


“I am talking from leader to leader.
I have not received an answer yet, Blood Dagger.”


Other tribe leaders were looking at me, and I was embarrassed to have been considered a lightweight.
With the exception of one newcomer, the rest seemed to be betting on Apachi.



“You can refuse, Blood Dagger.”


This orc was making me angry, and I spoke to those around me.


“Bring me the Great Tribe Leader’s flag.”


I was granting his request, and the atmosphere got hotter.
I was going to teach him Sto fear today, and even more Green Skins had come up because of the commotion.
The Green Skins directly under the Great Tribe Leader that managed arguments showed themselves.


“You do not fight to the death under the flag, and the honorable Green Skin Apachi requested the duel.
You two will fight until one gives up.
Do you agree?”

“I do.”

“I also agree.”


A circle of Green Skins surrounded us, and I smiled at Apachi.
I would make him remember this fight and would teach him a lesson.


“I will start the lesson.”


I turned Apachi’s weapon to a dagger after the fight started.

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