Chapter 171 For the East


“It is time, Blood Dagger.”
“Yes, I will go out now.”


I walked slowly after hearing Goff’s voice as our new brothers arrived here after the new Great Tribe Leader had been elected.
I had heard that there had been many survivors this time and was curious to know about them.
I saw the rest of my tribesmen when I came out of the tent, as they all were going out to greet the Green Skins who had passed the test.

Gark and Hark held our flags that symbolized our clan, and others knew that now.
Some looked at us while we went past, and I realized that our clan had become stronger after winning many fights.


“It’s not a bad clan.”
“I heard that three Green Skins had defeated the monster of the East and took its abode.
I heard that it had been a noble fight…”
“He has power and wisdom.”


Goff and Black Spear received good words, and we were noted rookies now.
As Orbo, who had come here earlier than me now worked for me, I thought it was apt.
Goff spoke as we moved to the gate.


“It reminds me of old times.”

“Yes, while things had been difficult, it was also fun.”


Memories tended to be idealized, and having felt myself becoming stronger in the desert was not bad.
I remembered sparring with Goff and losing my way.
Who knew the goblins that had endured that incident now became this strong? The tests did make us stronger.

I looked back, and others were also being sentimental.
Gark and Hark were talking about the tests, and Orbo’s gaze was looking afar.
Jung Hayeon looked down when our eyes met as she remembered how I had carried her.
Black Spear spoke to me then.


“Did you hear, Black Spear?”

“About what?”

“The Green Skins we are about to meet had come here fastest in history.”


That was interesting and made me more expectant.
I worried that I would not live up to their standards, but that was nothing.
I was now the one greeting them, and it was quite a fulfilling experience.
Green Skin tribe leaders and their members sat in the wide planes to welcome their new brothers.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the new Green Skins to arrive at the Honored Lands.
We waited for a while before they came from afar, and I saw with magic that there were youngsters.
Not only had they been fast, but there were many of them.
I did not know how many humans had survived, but this was a record.
It was lucky we had elected a new leader before.

There were goblins, orcs, and other forms.
However, all of them looked at us with surprise and respect as they held their makeshift flags.

It was interesting to think that Goff and I would have looked like that before.
However, they would be honored to see that all of us had come to make a way.
It would be like a reward.
An orc even shook as he saw us and seemed like a sentimental type.
While they hesitated for a minute, one of them stepped up to enter the lands.


“For those who had overcome the Honored Tests!”

“For those who had stepped into the Honored Lands!”

“For our brothers!”


Our voices rang, and we all held a hand on our chests.
It would be a sight for them, and the new Green Skins watched us and the giant wooden castle.
They started to move slowly like they wanted to savor this moment.


“It’s the Honored Lands!”

“We’re finally here!”


Like our clan’s goblins, their faces were excited, and I had to smile at the scene.
I observed those who passed by us, but no one stood out.
While the clan leaders were not bad, they were not that notable.

However, I thought the sentimental orc would have been a key element in the test, and he seemed like a leader.
I was lucky enough to catch his eye, and we smiled at each other.

When they arrived at the massive castle, the door opened, and the newbies were desperate to see the Great Tribe Leader for the first time.
We also greeted the new tribe leader.

The Green Skin that appeared did have the dignity I had seen in Agar three years ago.
His stride was noble and gaze deep, and his sharp teeth and wounds spoke of how he had lived.
The rookies all raised their hands on their chest without anyone telling them to.

The new Great Tribe Leader looked at them with satisfaction and spoke slowly.


“Power, wisdom, and honor…I am the Great Tribe Leader Storm Shadow, brothers.”

His voice rang over all Green Skins present.




“Things wrapped up.”

“It’s only the beginning now, Blood Dagger.
I am personally grateful to you and think it fortunate that I had been able to talk with you.”


I was talking with Storm Shadow in the Great Tribe Leader’s tent, which was now his.
Storm Shadow looked different now, and I could see that he was careful with everything he did.
He was acutely feeling the weight of his responsibility.


“So, what will be your future plans be?”
“I will first announce the previous Great Tribe Leader’s death, and it’s time to rebuild and calm Green Skins down than revenge.
I will follow in his footsteps, but I am not Agar and cannot develop our society in his way.”

“It’s a good idea to go down your own path.”


I remembered Sand Glave and Silver Fang, and they seemed to have acknowledged that Storm Shadow had been a better candidate than them.
I saw them willingly bow to Storm Shadow, and it seemed that they were not lying.


“Our first Great Tribe Leader had shouldered everything, and while many Green Skins wanted to help him, he wanted to sacrifice himself and gave everything to us.
I cannot do that, but I believe that I could follow Agar’s path if others helped me.
I do not fully know what his last words meant, but I will respect his last wishes.”

“I will help, Storm Shadow.”


He had stepped up, and I was more confident that he was a true and honorable Great Tribe Leader than he thought of himself.


“Thank you, Blood Dagger.
But I won’t receive your help for a while.”


His words were sudden, and I had been thinking about his meaning when he spoke again.


“Please take care of the East.”


I could not help but be surprised.

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