Chapter 164 A Fallen Star


Some time had passed, and Jang Ye Ri had reformed a number of small cities in the east in a short time.
Much blood had been naturally shed, and due to her personality and the east’s current situation, she was again called a witch.
However, since there was no possibility of her committing suicide in this life, that was a relief.

Like her mother’s words, Anai Totka, Jang Ye Ri was trying her best to live her dreams.
Our clan in the Land of Brotherhood, me, Goff, and Black Spear, had unofficially allied with the queen.

Hadum’s name had changed to Garia, which meant Mother in the language of Green Skins.
While the city was now under Jang Ye Ri, new alliances between small cities appeared since many desired Jang Gi Young’s system.

While on the surface, the alliances were to stop the Witch of the East from committing massacres, I thought they had to be to maintain the slave industry that had disappeared up front, she had remained quiet because her subordinates recommended that they needed to become stronger inside first.
The treason’s damage had been quite severe, and while the size of the city had shrunk, it had become more solid.

That was the current situation in the east, and Jang Ye Ri still had the ring since Baek Ahyeon was staying with us, and that meant the ring was unnecessary for her.
While Baek Ahyeon looked like she wanted to cry, she was still enduring the situation.

I spoke with Jang Ye Ri about the east’s situation and how things were going on across the lands.
She contacted me first because there had been some news.


[I heard that a new queen had appeared in Wintergarden, and she is Han Sohye.
The North Knight, the Ice Mage, and the Frost Dragon Guild have all gone under her.]

[Is that so.]

[Not only that, but the Holy Sword of the west and the south have officially allied together.
While I heard that the ruler of the south’s son is in love with the Holy Sword, I cannot confirm it.
It seems be a simple and a trivial rumor.]


The news was interesting because things have started to go on differently from the future I knew.

First, Han Sohye had become queen much quicker, and Choi Seulgi must be speeding things up a few years.
Since Han Sohye is a genius, Choi Seulgi had given her wings, and their pace was unexpectedly faster than my estimation.

However, I was not let down, and instead of happy, since my target became stronger, it was not bad.
The alliance between the south and the west did not happen before, and I felt it was due to the Holy Sword having some more experience as a ruler and Han Sohye becoming a queen.
She was quick to act when she had said that she would only act for the poor.
The interesting thing was that three women and one man governed now, Jang Ye Ri of the east, Han Sohye of the north, and Ha Yura of the west.

While she had not brought much information about the south, information like this helped decide my future actions.
I heard Jang Ye Ri’s voice again as I thought things over.




[When will you come and meet me?]


She seemed to want us to go the next step, as something had happened on the day Jang Ye Ri had cried.
I had embraced her to console, but things happened so that we had been lying on the bed together.
If her nanny had not brought a meal as requested, we might have gone to the end.
While normal Green Skins would have not been embarrassed, I was human, and Jang Ye Ri had been brought among humans.

It was natural that Jang Ye Ri would be embarrassed to have been discovered by someone who had raised her, and I still remembered her nanny’s voice in my head.
She had been sniffling.


‘You are at an age to meet someone, and I support your decisions.
He is a handsome demon, and I’m happy that you found someone regardless of race.
Lady, please be careful since people will be curious who the father is if you become pregnant…Anyway, I ask you, sir, to take care of her.”


After seeing the old woman’s smile, any libido we had dissipated.
I had to return to the village, and she had to look after her people, so things had not been fulfilled.
Therefore, she talked about a visit whenever she had time.


[I’ll see you soon.]

[You said that last time.
You often lie despite saying that Green Skins did not lie.]

[It’s not like that.]

[You said that you wanted me and make me your woman.
Isn’t it your duty to come? Will you only reap your benefits and not do your duty?]


While I had received much from her, the village was busy, and so was her.


[I remember your horns and face at night in bed.
You will be having fun with other women and won’t look at me.
You should be fair in situations like this.
Or do you not like my horn stumps?]


I felt like I was cornered, as I would welcome a beautiful woman like her any time.
I thought that I should say something that will make her less dissatisfied, which was something not quite natural.


[I want to take time to know you.]

[That’s a lie.
You took me to bed right away that day.]


She was right, but I calmly went on.


[I also wait the day we will meet, and let’s do so on the day you finish your tasks at the underground city.]


Jang Ye Ri spoke after I spoke of a specific place.


[All right.
I was a bit excited.
I did not think of your situation, and I apologize for that.]

[I also apologize.]


We talked in a lighter mood afterward, and I went out to see the village’s extended constructions.
While Black Spear was already taking care of Little Finger, Goff and I may need to take care of one newly summoned Green Skin each.

I remembered the day three years ago when we first arrived at the Green Goblin village, as it is an honor for Green Skins here to take care of younger Green Skins.
They had been happy when our clan had chosen Green Goblin Clan, and it was the same for us.
While there would be stress from taking care of a burden for three years, I thought my clan would enjoy themselves.


“Move the luggage!”

“We have to show the greatness of the Blood Dagger Clan!”


I smiled to see Gark and Hark working harder than anyone else when they would not have time to train.
However, Lee Wanyong was surprisingly the most enthusiastic of them all.


“Please step over here.”


He was serious, as he wanted to show himself off as this was an area where he could show his skills.
I thought that they would be depressed if the Blood Dagger Clan was not chosen when I saw the three goblin sisters work hard.

Hakajin, Ragia, and a very pregnant Mev were all planning ways to be chosen, as they would see the honored successor that was in Mev’s belly.
We needed to show off, and Ibar was a must as the Green Goblin Clan did not have a giant wolf.

I thought that one of them would choose me because Green Skins like stories, but I was still nervous.
I also anticipated a meet with the Great Tribe Leader, and I had been overseeing operations when Jung Hayeon suddenly appeared to speak to me.




I turned my head as she went on.


“A guest is here in the Black Spear’s tent, and you’re needed there in private.
There seems to be a secret message only for tribe leaders.”

“All right.”


It seemed that the messenger was here, and I hurriedly went into Black Spear’s tent.


“It’s been a long time, Blood Dagger.”


Storm Shadow had come, and Goff and Black Spear were also present.
However, the atmosphere was surprisingly depressing, and it looked like there had been bad news instead of a happy invite.

I felt like something happened, and I carefully spoke to Storm Shadow.


“What is it?”

“I want you three to had to the Noble Land after preparing.
Blood Dagger and Goff, first finish the preparations to welcome the new Green Skins.”



While Black Spear coming with us when he was already looking after Little Finger was a surprise, I had expected this message.
I waited for Storm Shadow to speak again, and he spoke after a while.
I could only moan.


“The Great Tribe Leader is dead.”


The news was too sudden.

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