161 Part 2

I moved quickly to the back and wounded myself with the Dainsleif.
The item effect did not designate the blood had to be the enemy’s, and it seemed that I could control blood spilled from my own body.
I blocked his punch with a shield made of my blood.

While the squelching sound was irritating, I did block the attack.
I immediately changed the shield to a thorn and hit the old king’s body.
There was again no damage, and when I changed the weapon to the Ancient Flame and his arm with a critical hit, he began to spill blood, unlike before.


‘It’s deep.’


The wound was not a scratch, and his body was growing weaker.
However, the old king’s punch swung to my side.


‘I’ll be hit.’


I had no magic to summon the Aegis, and while I created another blood shield, the punch went through it and hit me on my side.
While I had protected myself as much as I could with magic, it felt like my bones had broken and my guts had burst.
I felt faint as another punch came from the opposite side.
While I was knocked on the ground, I raised my body by instinct.


‘I will die.’


While my sight was blurred, it was certain I would die if Jang Gi Young landed another hit.
There was still some time before Jang Ye Ri would come.
A way to endure or a way to win.
Laughably, what came to my mind as I thought of a way was the ‘Queen of the North,’ or that tutorial battle.
I grabbed the rotten wooden long spear with a deep breath.

It was quiet.
I was barely managing to stand with the spear, but I slowly put it forth.


‘It’s an imitation.’


I had stronger physical specs than her at the battle, but I had lost.


‘I have to imitate her.’


I put myself into position and prepared to fend off a critical hit.


‘Die! You inferior being!”


Jang Gi Young seemed to have remembered what I had said, and I let his attacks flow.
I stepped back and swung my spear.
While he would knock it out with his punches, I used the recoil to step back again.

I had to maintain distance and did not need to meet him with all my strength.
I would look for an opportunity and would flip the situation when he thought he had approached me.

I changed between the spear and Dainsleif while aiming for a critical hit.
I saw his shield break, and he would feel some burden.
It was not enough since I could not put strength behind my spear.
While he swung his leg toward my calves when charging me, I jumped up by ramming the spear in the ground.

It was the same way I had been attacked, but I had not realized it.
I fended his punch with a blood thorn and stepped back by using the spear.
I felt vacant, but my body was moving.

I managed to block his path and avoid his attacks with only a sliver.
I could hear Jang Gi Young screaming.


“You damn eel!”

Was this how being one with my spear felt? I felt in my bones how the spear would spring, how to use the rebound, how to move my body, and how the old king will attack.
I glared at him as I pierced him with my spear, and it was when his punch was swinging towards me.

His arm spurted blood.
I had managed to last longer than I had thought, and I smiled while he stared at his body in surprise.
The old king was not looking at me anymore, as he realized that I was not a direct threat.

Jang Ye Ri was the one wounding the old king’s body, and it did not take Jang Gi Young long to realize that as several cutting attacks rushed at him.

While it was not enough to severe, there was blood.
As the old king clucked his tongue, I saw Jang Ye Ri holding the Reaper’s scythe.

The battle between the young queen and the old king was quite amazing.


‘He’s strong.’


Jang Gi Young was strong after regaining his composure, and Jang Ye Ri also did not allow him to come too near her.
It was amazing to see her scythe and his punches crash into each other.

I looked at them with admiring eyes despite myself, and the witch’s beasts rushed with their fangs as the old king ripped them apart.

I looked at Jang Ye Ri with magic in my eyes.
She did not blink, and she cast spells with her mouth and a hand while the other arm swung the scythe.
Her movements were fluid, and Jang Ye Ri managed to do what would not be possible even with two brains.

It seemed that she had entered the state I had entered, and the old king had more wounds.
I stared agape at the battle of a quality I had never seen before.

While the old king’s fist crushed Jang Ye Ri’s shoulder with a scream, she did not stop swinging her scythe with one hand.
She let out a shout that I had seen for the first time and continued to attack Jang Gi Young.


“You…you bitch!”


She was using her magic to the max, and they were close to each other.
However, Jang Ye Ri did not step back as she rushed forward with clenched teeth.

She was moving forward and becoming stronger.
I could not hear her voice anymore, and I felt a great shock.
It seemed that Dainsleif’s penalty had come.

While my eyes blurred, I stared on to ingrain the fight in my eyes and carve their movements in my brain.
I gratefully could see Jang Ye Ri stand with her scythe when I finally fell on the ground.

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