Chapter 159 As a Demon


[I’ll be back.]


While she had been surprised at first, she was happy.
It was the first time someone had shown her goodwill.
No one had wanted her like that except for her nanny.

Jang Ye Ri placed her hand on her chest and began thinking.
She felt like someone was hitting her from inside her chest.
It was a strange feeling, and it was, of course, the first time her heart had beat at only a word.


‘I love him.’


While she did not know much about the love, the thought came to her mind.
They had not seen each other over a long period, and they only had communicated to each other through the ring after meeting on that they.
She had only smiled when gaining information regarding him.

However, she now loved him.
Not because he was a demon or the fact he had done many things for her.
Jang Ye Ri did not know the reason.
She had come to love him without realizing it.

If they met after everything was over, she would confess her past mistakes.
If he accepted her after her telling her how dirty, vile, and evil she was, Jang Ye Ri would take a step towards him.

She shook her head and slowly walked the castle.
While the bloody corridors and the sticky floor made her discomforted, she was used to it.

Jang Ye Ri did not find the sight strange, as she had been born in this imprisoning and ominous castle.
She knew almost everything about this evil castle.
The room where she and the slaves stayed, the room where guests were invited, and another room where the evil massacres occurred.

Jang Ye Ri wandered the castle and thought about what had happened to her in the past.
Unlike those who did not remember their childhood, Jang Ye Ri clearly knew about her younger days.
She could remember her mother’s face despite having seen her only a few times.
Jang Ye Ri had not been recognized as her father’s family at first.

Unlike other slaves and Green Skins, Jang Ye Ri had stayed in the castle and not in prison.
However, she had been called to be experimented on by magicians.
It did not take long for Jang Ye Ri to notice that she was different from other humans.

Unlike those next to her, she had weird horns, and her eyes looked like a beast rather than a human’s.
While she passed by her father during the experiments, he had not even looked at her.
While Jang Gi Hoo had looked at her with strange eyes, she had not known what was behind that at that age.

About the time the experiments ended, Jang Ye Ri had earned the human language, ate human meals, and lived like a human.
While there was a boiling instinct that would spring up every once in a while in her chest, since she did not want to be seen differently from others, she oppressed anything strange as much as she could.

The time she could meet her mother was very short, and Jang Ye Ri had never been able to talk to her mother.
Her mother had always been locked up in a room with iron bars and vacantly stare at somewhere without even noticing her.

Jang Ye Ri would sometimes call her ‘Mother,’ there was no answer.
Other children in the other rooms seemed to be always scared, and the adults were in the same state as her mother.

However, Jang Ye Ri remembered that the children fervently hated her.


‘Why is Mother so vacant? Why do I live with a nanny in another place?’


These thoughts circled Jang Ye Ri’s head.
While her nanny had always loved her, something was missing in her life.
While Jang Ye Ri wanted to run around and play, she stayed quiet like her nanny told her to do and tried not to stand out from the others.

However, her body grew everyday unlike the others, and it was a massive stress for the young Jang Ye Ri.

Her mother came to her senses after six months, and while she would only mumble to herself, Jang Ye Ri was happy for only that.
While she would touch her mother’s hand lightly where the guards looked at them, she did not look at her.
When she did, it was a cold gaze instead of a warm one.
However, for the young Jang Ye Ri, meeting her mother every once in a while was a pleasant activity as she had nowhere to lean against.

Jang Ye Ri walked while remembering the past and stopped at the room that came before her.


‘I’ll let you know what your mother is doing.
Follow me.’


She remembered a vile memory.
She gathered magic in her hand and let it out, and the room blasted into smithereens.
She saw the sky, and the birds were flying in a flock like they had been surprised.


“Stop them!!!”

“Fucking bastards!”

“Stop them from entering!”


She heard weapons clash against each other from outside, and they were those who had taken her here and believed in her when she was so lacking.
Jang Ye Ri looked at the sky again.
It was strange to see the sky right inside the castle.

Jang Ye Ri again walked with her past still following her.
After that incident, she had intentionally avoided meeting her mother.
Jang Gi Hoo called on her, and it led to Jang Ye Ri hating her mother.
It was a sick, hateful, and vile event.

Jang Ye Ri had never told her nanny what had happened, and it became a daily routine to take a shower while feeling nauseous.


159 Part 2

There was no one to help her.
Jang Ye Ri had thought that it was all her mother’s fault for making her grow so fast, have horns on her head, have different eye and hair color from others, her father ignoring her, and being tormented every day.

It had been about three months since Jang Ye Ri had not visited her mother, and Jang Ye Ri had gone up to see her.
While her mother would look at her, unlike other times, Jang Ye Ri had not understood what was behind the gaze.

Jang Ye Ri threw stones or objects at her mother outside the iron bars, and as her mother could not move, she had just stood there and let herself be hit.

Jang Ye Ri did not remember what she had said then, and her mother would not have understood any of it since she did not speak the human language.

However, the meaning must have been conveyed, as her mother’s gaze had been cold.
She reddened in anger, and she was staring at Jang Ye RI now.
Jang Ye Ri had not been the only one who hated, and her mother hated her also.

What her mother said after slowly opening her mouth was still stuck deep inside Jang Ye Ri’s chest, and it showed her mother’s hate for her.


‘Anai Totka.’


Her mother died a few days later.
Jang Ye Ri did not cry and instead ran after cutting her horns.
She escaped from her mother and others, and her father was happy enough to accept Jang Ye Ri as family.
Her brother could not touch her again, more people took care of her, and there were no more strange experiments.

She had been happy at first, but Jang Ye Ri now knew what was going on as she grew older and learned things.

She had been an idiot.
If she had thought a bit deeper, Jang Ye Ri would have known that her mother had not wanted her, and she had not been able to resist what had happened to her.
Jang Ye Ri would have known that her mother had been in a situation as she was now.
Jang Ye Ri now thought that she may have pretended not to know.
Had she really been unaware of their circumstances? She tried to think of that time, but everything came out negative.

Jang Ye Ri had known, but she had just needed someone to hate.
She bit her lips as she walked, as she was feeling the guilt that she had let her mother die like that and had left her race to cut her horns so she could live comfortably.

She had opened and closed her eyes, and now the guards were staring at her with vacant eyes.
They were her brother’s soldiers and not the castle guards.


“What? Why is the lady here?”
“Fuck, you were told to kill all of them.”



Jang Ye Ri ripped them open with the Reaper’s Scythe, and it had been so fast that the stupid soldiers had not known what had happened.


“Trash who are not fit to live.”


Blood sprayed like fountains from them, and Jang Ye Ri walked between them.




Thoughts of revenge rang in her head towards the brother who raped her and the father who had killed her mother.
She had waited for this day too long.
She walked to see that her brother’s soldiers were against her father’s forces.
She poured magic inside the Reaper’s Scythe to cut up everything she could see.
The heads of those battling were separated from their bodies at once.
They could not even scream before dying.

Jang Ye Ri smiled since it meant that she was coming closer to her dream.
She finally arrived at her father’s room.

Since the room was perfectly soundproof with magic, she could not know what was going inside.
However, Jang Ye Ri went in.


“Why are you here, my daughter?’


She saw a room filled with blood and corpses.
She saw her father twisting Kim Huiyeong’s neck in the middle of the room.
All of the corpses were either burst or twisted.
They were high-class soldiers that were different from those she had seen outside.
Also, Kim Huiyeong, who was hanging by her father’s hand, was one of the strongest in this city.
She was not weak to be beaten like that.

The old man had been hiding his power.


“Please…let me live…King…”

“Your king is that idiot.”


Jang Ye Ri turned her gaze again, and she saw her brother shaking in the corner with one of his arms completely crushed.
She did not open her mouth and instead raised her scythe with one hand.
It would serve as an answer.


“You know that your father is merciless against enemies.
If you do not want to share the same fate as your stupid brother, do not cross the threshold.”



With a crushing sound, Kim Huiyeong’s body twisted completely as a warning not to come inside.
From when Jang Ye Ri was very young, her father was the subject of fear, and he still scared her.
Jang Ye Ri thought this was similar to the time she agonized over cutting off her horns.
She had already chosen the answer.

Jang Ye Ri closed her eyes and again repeated the words of hate inwardly.


‘Anai Totka.’


She felt strangely comfortable, and she saw an evil and fallen monster instead of her father.
Jang Ye Ri walked on, not as a human being, but as a demon.

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