158 Part 2

Goff spoke as he threw the humans on the floor.
While his shoulder and leg seemed to be crushed, there seemed no additional damage.
He was tough.
Since he would have fought in close combat, I thought he would be injured, but his movements were quite free compared to his wounds.

The man he was holding with one hand seemed to be Kim Donghyun, and he was like Jung Huicheol and Kim Hyeji.


“He was strong.
But Blood Dagger, you’re not injured at all.”

“I was just lucky.”


He also seemed surprised that I did not have a scratch on me, and I did not say I would have been gravely injured like them if I fought with Jung Huicheol or Kim Donghyun.

That was because I thought that today’s victory was due to the information we had and the opponent’s carelessness.
It was the result of researching who would be best against whom after simulating hundreds of times before the battle.

Goff spoke to me as I thought trivial matters in my head.


“So, is the battle over?”

“What we can do is over, and now it is the horned demon’s turn.
Black Spear would be best to get out of here after taking the benefits since humans might come down.
Some of us and I will stay here and go after erasing our tracks just in case.”


They nodded and slowly began to move at my words.
The strange thing was that Goff and Black Spear seemed not all that happy, and I could understand what they were thinking.
They realized what they lacked in this battle.
It seemed that I was not the only one who did not let out a victory shout.

Them not being drunk on small victories told me that they were great beings.
This fight left us some assignments, as I finally stepped on a level where I thought I could not even see.
Today’s battle was no more or no less a step to become stronger.
I fisted my hands and opened my mouth to my tribe members.


“Ragia, Hakajin.”

“At your command.”

“Ragia, erase as much as you can the traces of this battle with the assassins.
If they are not erasable, just get rid of the traces that say Green Skins had been here.”


“I understood.”


While the traces would not be completely erased, it was stupid to leave traces that even ordinary people would notice.


“Orbo and Mirror Blade will kill all humans that come to the underground as you patrol the surroundings with the archers.”

“For Blood Dagger.”

“For Blood Dagger!”


“Jung Hayeon, Baek Ahyeon, and Half Blade will wait at the center.”


“For Blood Dagger!”


As I said to Goff and Black Spear, our fights were over.
While they had been short, this was our final fight, and now everything was left to Jang Ye Ri.
While I prepared to enter the castle just in case, since we decided to not reveal that Green Skins were involved, only I would enter.
The clan members who would wait in the center would return with me after creating an entrance and an exit.

Now, Jang Ye Ri and Jang Gi Young would have met.
The son might have beheaded the father, or the old king may be resisting with his followers.
I activated the ring to communicate with Jang Ye Ri.


[We are finished here.]


An answer came back in a rush like she had been waiting for a long time.


[I thought it may be difficult, but you did it.
I sincerely show my respects.]


Since she was communicating with me easily, they seemed to have not encountered each other yet.


[You seem to have not met the old king yet.]

[I am going, and he would have met my brother by now.
All guards in the castle are dead, and my brother probably had done it.
Since my followers are blocking other clans and guilds from coming in, the situation is favorable to us.]


That meant she was alone in the castle, and waiting outside had been the correct choice in case something might happen.
As we had briefed each other before, she was going to enter after Jang Gi Hoo, and his troops fought with Jang Gi Young.
Since Jang Ye Ri was the owner of the Reaper’s Scythe, it was better for her to fight alone than with many people.
Moving with those who did not know her movements will only restrict the range of her attacks.

While there might be other strong humans in this large city, there would not be those of the caliber Goff, Black Spear, and I had won against.

The rest of those who would try to protect their old king would be blocked by Park Han Cheol, the Greenbelt Clan, and those who were leading this revolution.

Since Jang Gi Hoo, who was leading the first rebellion, would have his troops wait in his own route, so we can send them in first.
The plan that Jang Ye Ri would hunt both Jang Gi Hoo and Jang Gi Young as her father and brother’s troops were fighting inside the castle while restricting outside forces was not going badly.

I had been thinking about the plan, and Jang Ye Ri spoke to me again.
She was quite calm for someone who was about to go into battle.


[Were you serious about what you said before?]

[What do you mean?]

[That you wanted me to be yours.]


Her thoughts seemed to be more complicated at finally being on the brink of making her dream come true.
While I did not understand why she said that to me, I had always been sincere to her.




Jang Ye Ri became silent for a while at my voice and spoke to me again after a few moments.


[I’ll be back.]

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