peace, or more specifically buried in power and his possessions.
Kim Donghyun did not need to feel hunger as he had at arrival, and he could have any woman he wanted.
Race, breed, and whether they were married or not did not matter, nor did he need to hide his contorted desires.

If Kim Donghyun wanted to see people kill each other, he only needed to bring them in.
Also, if he wanted to see a woman r*ped by a monster, he again could do that.
He could get anything from children’s flesh to money.

It was the same now, and Kim Donghyun was watching two naked women stand in front of each other with daggers in their hands.
The room was covered in blood, which showed how often similar things had happened here.


“I’m sorry, unnie…”

“I’m sorry, too.”


A beast was drooling in chains next to the women, and while it could not understand human language, it would show much more stimulating responses due to that.
While Kim Donghyun’s recent hobby was to watch that beast chew on humans, today’s game was disappointing.
They seemed to have been slaves close to one another, as their attacks towards each other were lukewarm.


“Today’s not interesting.”


His subordinates standing next to him nodded at his remark, and the guard in front unleashed the chains so the beast rushed at the women.



“Unnie! Ahh! Please, let me live! Master, have mercy!”

“Please forgive me, master! Give me one more chance!”


Screams rang out with blood and intestines, and while the sight amused him, it did not interest Kim Donghyun much because he had become too used to it.
Kim Donghyun opened his mouth again with a raised hand.





Kim Donghyun wished for the girls to be more interesting than those before, and the women who had come this time looked determined perhaps from looking at how the two women before them met their ends.
While their faces were pale, their expressions as they tightened their hold on the daggers to survive were notable.


“Now, things get more interesting.”


Kim Dong Hyun liked them with the will to survive, expressions that tried to defy death or rise by killing others.
He had been about to start this evil game by raising his hand when he heard a voice.


“It is treason.”


“Jang Ye Ri has committed treason.”

“I thought that b*tch would start something up, and it’s disappointing that this happened when things were about to get interesting.
Take your weapons, as we need to protect our fallen king, who has prepared such a place for us.”

“Would this not be a chance if Jang Ye Ri is alive?”


Kim Donghyun slowly remembered Jang Ye Ri, and while he had not seen her face up close because she had on a hood or a hat, she had been a beauty.
It was inevitable he would find delight in imagining how the princess would act in a cage full of beasts, or he would throw her amidst beasts in heat.

Kim Donghyun stroked the subordinate’s head to praise him for his good idea and moved quickly.


“We will hurry up.
The king might grant us that b*tch if we’re the first to arrive and control the situation…”

“Yes, the preparations will be completed soon.”


It had been a long time since he had worn his armor and shield.
Kim Donghyun swung his mace in the air because touching the heavy weapon reminded him of his heyday.


“You still got it, boss.”


Kim Donghyun was confident because while he only trained once in a while now, unlike before, he still had magic, muscles, and the memories of battle.
He got out of his castle.
The quality and quantity of the slaves have fallen a bit after Somorah fell, and while he was not dissatisfied, his subordinates seemed to be going through a rough time.

The rest seemed to be thinking the same thing, as those who had been protecting the gates were quickly going out.
Kim Donghyun had thought that everyone was twisted when he heard a loud explosion.

The ground shook a little from the explosions ringing everywhere at once, and the sounds came from near the Hadum’s gates.
Kim Donghyun could not see the effects of the explosions to think of them as a trap.


‘No, that’s not right.’


The explosions had not been used for direct hits, and they were occurring beneath his feet.


“Everyone! Protect yourselves!”

“Yes, boss.”


The roads crumbled, but there should be no damage to his subordinates as no one under him would be hurt by falling from a height.
Kim Donghyun thought they would only be bruised by protecting their bodies with magic.
He thought there was little damage despite the loud noise when he began to hear a drum roll.

Kim Donghyun was surprised to see an ogre with large teeth right in front of him.


“What is this…?”


Of course, there was no answer, and instead, Kim Donghyun heard an ogre’s trademark shout.
He instinctively gulped.



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