his long and dark corridor.


154 Part 2


‘What the hell…’


He could not stop himself from cursing, and it was not his fault.
Everything was that demon’s fault, and Jang Gi Hoo began to walk wherever his feet took him.
He did not see any of his guards and maids.
The place he had arrived was that demon b*tch’s room, who was the same as that damn thief.
It was the room of a sister he did not think of as family, who he thought of as a pr*stitute who he had used to satisfy his carnal desires.


“Jang Ye Ri!”

“Jang Ye Ri!!”


The guards immediately came swarming as he screamed out loud.
They were what Jang Gi Hoo did not have now.


“It is late, young master.
Since the lady is sleeping, we would appreciate you coming tomorrow morning.
We will convey that you have come to visit her.”

“How dare you!”


The guard was knocked on the wall, and blood came out of his mouth after Jang Gi Hoo swung his arm with a burst of magic.


“How dare a guard…!”


However, other guards came over instantly, since they had been waiting after noticing that something had happened.
There would be rumors all over the castle the next morning if things got louder.
Jang Gi Hoo had been emitting magic as he could not calm down enough to return when he heard a voice from the room.


“You may let him in.”

“However, lady…”

“I said, you may let him in.”



Jang Gi Hoo felt high at Jang Ye Ri’s words, and he entered the room after intentionally knocking about the other guards.
He saw Jang Ye Ri sitting on a chair, wearing a sheer negligee under a gown.
Jang Gi Hoo felt his libido stir again amidst the anger.


‘You filthy b*tch, you had wanted it too.
After your horns were cut, after father received you as family… you had wanted it.’


Jang Gi Hoo smiled at Jang Ye Ri, and her red lips slowly opened.


“Why have you come so late at night?”


He had come only to release his anger, but other thoughts sprang up after seeing Jang Ye Ri like this.
He could resolve his anger in different ways, and while he would have liked her to have the horns so he could grab them, her body was enough to satisfy him.


“You know well.
I was thinking we could reminisce about our familial affections since we have not done so in a long time.”


Jang Gi Hoo slowly moved his feet.
Come to think of it, he had been unable to lay his hands on her after Father had taken her in as a member of the family.
While she was not as fresh as she had been, her ripe body would be satisfactory.
Jang Gi Hoo had been approaching her with many thoughts inside his head when he found his feet would not move, and cold sweat continued to run down his back.

A Jang Ye Ri he had not seen before was staring at him.


“You fool.”

“What…  what?”


He saw the red eyes of a predator, which could not be called a human’s on any accounts.
They were closer to a beast.


“I said, you’re a fool.
You have become what you are now because the only thing you know how to do is move your hips.”


While fire rose from inside Jang Ye Ri’s expression, which he had seen for the first time, it was surprising that he could not find his voice.
Jang Ye Ri was not holding him down with magic, and Jang Gi Hoo was feeling fear purely as a human.
Jang Gi Hoo felt the same terror he felt when meeting Father all over his body.

It had been a moment when he had been stunned, but now Jang Gi Hoo started to spit out his frustrated anger.


“You…you…you b*tch! I’ll kill you! I will! I’ll rip you apart and kill you the same way your mother was killed.
I’ll r*pe you three days and nights and throw you to filthy prisoners and soldiers.
You b*tch…”


However, Jang Ye Ri did not change her expression, and she was actually smiling now.


“You fool, then do it now.”

“Have you gone deaf? I said, do it now.”

“You think I won’t do it?!”


However, his feet would not move.
While he was gouging out the eyes looking down on him and sewing her lips that were saying filth in his head, Jang Gi Hoo could not move an inch despite what he imagined in his head.
His knees began to shake, and his eyes looked down because he could not look her in the eye.
His erection was utterly deflated now.



“I see that you cannot even be called a man now.”


While her cold voice rang in his ears, Jang Gi Hoo found himself unable to do anything.
He slowly stepped back as he unconsciously went out of her room in shame.
He had to lower his head even more from the guards’ frigid expressions.

He was thinking about Kim Heeyoung’s voice and the conversation they just had.
Those who are benefiting from the city do not desire this city’s system to break down.
That meant Jang Gi Hoo would not receive any benefits anywhere.

Jang Gi Hoo had no choice and began to run.
He had finished thinking things over.
Since it had not been a long time since she had returned to her domain, she would still be awake.

Jang Gi Hoo continued to run like that.


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