“Not at all.”

When I turned my head, I saw Black Spear and a rather large number of people, including Black Spear’s sorcerer whom I saw some time ago.
 As if he was on a field trip, there was also Little Finger, who was sitting down, and one fellow who seemed to smell like Black Spear drew my interest.
 It wasn’t that he was actually smelly, but the ambience of something emanating from him made me feel that way.
 Perhaps, the fellow was his son.
  I nodded and finally I was able to take an empty seat.

Maybe it was because the tent was a circular shape that each clan sat in reasonable sections of the tent, leaving the center space vacant.

In other words, there was not a leader of this coalition.
 Leaving the center area and taking positions in their respective sections implied that all three tribes were equal.
 Of course, some one needed to oversee the meeting, but the fact the positions were taken in this way allowed for reducing disharmony.

Statements could be made from where each one was sitting and if an important point needed to be made, one could enter the circle.
 If the topics were relevant, it didn’t matter what sort of statement was to be made.
 The most important thing was to listen.

That was what respect was.

Although everyone might have already been briefed as to what was going on, it was also important to explain things one more time.
 Black Spear, who has been around in such situations, began to speak slowly.

“First of all, welcome to all the brothers who are here.
 The fact that we’ve found a new land which we can claim as ours is the reason for our meeting today.
 The most acceptable land that Blood Dagger, Goff, and I have determined is the land, far at the end of east.  As you might have heard, the brothers’ coalition meeting will continue until we start to stake our roots in the new land.”


“As heard, we are going to the east end…”

“It is the glorious new land for the new brothers of the three tribes.”

As anticipated, comments began to flow as soon as Black Spear made his statement.
 The one that had a curious expression was an ogre from Goff Clan.
 Perhaps, it was because Goff might not have explained it beforehand, he quietly raised his hand as he voiced his question.
 He seemed rather intelligent, unlike the other ogres.
  Based on his small stature, he could very well be the brain of Goff’s.

“The beast of the east lives in the land, at the end of east.
 Black Spear.”

“I know.
 Honorable warrior of Goff Clan.
 Perhaps, it will be better if Blood Dagger would explain from here on.”

With Black Spear’s statement, I took a spot inside the circle and took a seat.

“It is as you said, honorable warrior of the Goff Clan.
 The beast of the east is in the east.
 I’m not sure if you have heard, but the land in the end of the east is the only land fit for our three clans.”



“I have no doubt about the brothers’ bravery and Blood Dagger’s wisdom, but if we were to capture the beast of the east and overtake the land, there would be a lot of casualties.”

The fellow seemed to have much suspicion.
 However, it wasn’t a bad one.
 For bellicose type of person like Goff, someone like that was needed to control Goff.
 I spoke again, looking at the fellow.

“We’ll minimize casualties.”

The fellow had an expression, saying that he did not understand.
 I began to slowly regurgitate the story that I had told Black Spear and Goff.
 The warrior that protects the front, the priest and sorcerer who could help recover stamina, the archers and magicians who could safely attack from the distance.
 It appeared that Goff, who was not a good story teller, simply told them that they were going to capture the beast of the east.
  As I moved along with my version of the strategy, the countenance on the fellow was slowly looking better and better.

“If we engage in the battle this way, we can minimize fatalities or crippling casualties of the Green Skins.
 The beast of the east has three faces.
 Goff will take care of the face in the front, then Orbo and Gara, the twin head ogre from our clan, will take care of the faces on the sides.”

I was a little uncomfortable with the one with two heads, but this configuration seemed to be the best scenario.

“After destroying the two faces on the sides, then lastly, Goff will eliminate the face which he was responsible for.
 It will be the responsibility of the human tribe of our Blood Dagger Clan and the Black Spear Clan’s sorcerers to assist Goff and other warriors, so that they can stand their ground until then.”


“The Blood Dagger Clan’s swordsmen will attack the right leg and tail.
 It will be critical to slow down the bastard’s movements.”

As I slowly explained the details, the fellow shut his mouth as he did not have much to say.
 However, he still had some complaints.
 He seemed to be trying to stay quiet in consideration of Goff’s position, but ultimately, he couldn’t hold himself to it as he began to throw out questions at me.

“According to Blood Dagger, the most dangerous thing would be…”

Perhaps, it was Goff, and this was the fact that could not be denied.
 Hearing the fellow, Goff grinned as he spoke.

“And it is the most honorable task to perform as well.
 Kayak, I know your thoughts.”

“It is the most honorable task!”

“Goff, the leader of Goff tribe, will be in charge of the most honorable task!”

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With Goff’s words, Kayak, the ogre kept his mouth closed.
 From his perspective, there must be more than one or two aspects that he wasn’t comfortable with.
 He probably understood the fact that it was the most honorable position to be in.
 The fact that the ogres of Goff Clan were shouting at the moment was the counter evidence.

Despite that, opening up this way to me implied how much the fellow was thinking about his tribe’s leader.
 In other words, he was like Ragia in our clan.

Although he did not mention it in consideration of my position, he probably felt uncomfortable for having to trust humans.
 I smiled, looking at him, for some reason.

“I trust you.
 Goff Clan’s brother.”

He, too, lowered his head and finished his words.

“It was true.
 Forgive me.
 Blood Dagger.
 I will help you with what I can with all my power.”

I nodded, facing in his direction.

“We’re not leaving eastward right away.
 Those who remember the old battles in the north know.
 What we need are training, simulation, and coordination.
 This hunt for the beast of the east will mark the first unified action of the three tribes, and it will strengthen our flag which we will stake in the ground in the land of east’s end.”

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