When I opened my eyes, I was able to see Jung Hayeon who was sound asleep next to me.
 She must have been quite exhausted as she was still sleeping.
 As it has been quite laborious last night, I wanted to let her sleep a bit longer.
 However, due to a scheduled meeting, I had to wake her up reluctantly.

“Jung Hayeon.”

She opened her eyes slowly as I called her name, and as she gazed at me with a smile, I felt somewhat embarrassed, thinking about last night.


“Not at all.
 We have a meeting to go to, so let’s get ready to go.”


After a quick wash with already prepared water, and as I roughly dressed in arms, including a shoulder armor suit, Jung Hayeon began to attend to me by combing my hair, properly putting on the armor suit and other similar ways.

It was a strange feeling like as if my wife was fixing my tie as I was about to leave for work, rather than a feeling of being a child again.
 In conclusion, it was a good feeling if I was to quibble over whether it was a good thing or not.
 Meanwhile, as Jung Hayeon stealthily stood on her tip toes, I ended up placing a small kiss on her lips.

“Thank…  Thank you.”

It was a different feeling from last night, seeing her lowering her head as if she was embarrassed.
 After giving a smile, I opened the tent door and immediately went outside.

The village was unusually quiet.
 It was early in the morning and villagers might have heard the news that each clan’s leadership was supposed to be getting together for an important meeting.
 This might have caused the normally running around goblin children to be absent as well, contributing to the fact that the village was so quiet for the first time in a long while.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

As I turned my head to the source of the sound, I saw, and as expected, the leaders, including Ragia who were waiting for me as they looked on.
 Ragia, with the lower body of a snake, was still beautiful, Orbo, who has recently evolved in to a minotaur, placed the shield on the ground and kept stroking the horns on his head as if they were bothering him somewhat, Hakajin, who had the brightest mind among the clan, was looking upon me with anticipation, and Gark and Hark, who were the first born and the second born among the loyal five siblings, were also looking in my direction with their flag staked to the ground.

Lastly, I saw Mev and the three goblin sisters.
 Seeing her levitating in her crown, it seemed that flying around was more natural for her than walking.
  Along with Baek Ahyeon, who was in an ambiguous position, and by adding Jung Hayeon and me to this list, the entire leadership has gathered.



Everyone seemed to have been changed somewhat.
 For example, the weapons that Gark and Hark had.
 Reminiscent of a laundry pole, Gark was holding a long sword and Hark had two daggers which seemed to be exactly alike.

I was worried that perhaps, they might have purchased the wrong weapons from the warrior’s store, but it didn’t appear to be so.
 Although I just had a quick peek, the weapons which they were holding seemed to be strengthened in capabilities.

It seemed that Orbo has replaced his existing shield by having purchased a new shield.
 He was most appropriate to be a sub tanker.
 Unlike Goff, sine he has always used a shield from the start, it would not be a problem at all, even if Orbo was to be positioned as the main tanker.

The ones who showed the most differences were the three goblin sisters as they were proudly wearing armors.
 Perhaps they might have had ample amount of points.

As I walked between them, Gark and Hark, and Orbo began to raise their hands toward their chests.
 As I acknowledged them with slight nod in response, Ragia ran towards me quickly and began to speak to me.


“I’ve instructed them to purchase red medicines for treating wounds from the warrior god’s store.
 I’ve heard that both Goff and Black Spear clans have already arrived.”

“We must be late then.”

“I don’t think we’re late, but… It’s just that the clans’ chiefs and leaders are somewhat anticipating…”

In other words, they got to the meeting early due to excited.
 I smiled for some reason, thinking that it was so fitting of them.

“We’ll go then”

“Yes sir.”

Having walked, we finally arrived at a tent that was a little further away from the Storm Shadow Clan.
 It was a temporary tent which was pitched at a reasonable location since the tent in the village was too small for the three tribes’ leaderships to meet.
 However, credit to the efforts of the goblins and Ogres who were good with hands, the tent did not look half bad.

As we entered near the inside of the tent, two Ogres, who were guarding the outside, placed their hands on their chests.
 When I responded to them in kind, the Ogre who was outside stealthily opened his mouth.

“Blood Dagger Clan.”


“Entering is the Blood Dagger Clan .”

Only after the cloths covering the entrance were drawn, I was able to enter.
 Come to think of it, it was the first time that I’ve seen other members of the leadership, besides Goff and Black Spear.

Although it felt like I’ve been socializing with our clan’s leaders, it had only been taking occasional glances from the distance.
 I thought that it would be good to familiarize with them given this opportunity.
 So, I turned my head.

“You’ve come.”

The first one to welcome me was Goff, who was sitting on one side of the tent, and he was holding an enormous shield as I had asked.
 It seemed that a reasonably sized shield would have been sufficient, but apparently ordinary items didn’t seem to satisfy Goff’s nature.
 Even at a glance, I could see that the price of that item would be extreme.

Like his own character, his spending habits must have also been extreme as well.
 Although I was wondering whether it was a mistake to have recommended that he carry a shield, he appeared to be quite satisfied.

Looking beyond him, I could find familiar faces.
 ‘Gara’, the twin head Ogre, who was on friendly terms with Gark and Hark.
 Next to him was the drumming Orc.
 There were also other familiar faces.
 As most of them were from the military warrior division, there didn’t appear be that many leaders, yet I felt that the enthusiasm and energy which were emanating from them were definitely extraordinary.

“Sorry if I’m late.”

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