As if she was embarrassed, she raised her voice as she yelled towards the tail end of her sentence.
 I was relieved that she wasn’t worried about her identity, but for some reason my face turned a bit red feeling flustered.
 That was because I felt like I butted in unnecessarily.

However, Jung Hayeon would have been more embarrassed than me.
 I certainly could not have imagined that her concerns were like that at all.
 She must have felt ridiculous as well since she wasn’t able to raise her head properly.
 As the silence reverberated loudly inside the tent, Jung Hayeon hurriedly began to speak.

“That… That is.
 Since you haven’t been calling me these days… I was thinking that… You like Me… Mev or Baek…Baek Ahyeon who have small bodies… Unlike…Unlike them both, I am big…”

“If not, perhaps, the plant body does not suit you…”

She must have been desperate in her own way as tears filled her eyes.

“So, I thought that… I may want to evolve into…A race you might like…”

I could see how the hypothesis of not liking plant might have been developed, but I was very curious as to from where the new idea that I liked small bodies like that of Mev or Jung Hayeon came from.
  Certainly, every night we spent the time together, I reminded Jung Hayeon that my preference was her, so I was very taken aback by her misunderstanding.

Especially when Mev or Baek Ahyeon could never catch up as far as size, one of the pros, was concerned.

In fact, there were times when Jung Hayeon would be going around the village with brighter look on her face.
 It was before Mev’s evolution and when Baek Ahyeon was in the city.
 She must have felt threatened now that Mev matured beautifully and that Baek Ahyeon was also staying in the village.

It seemed like she had a lower self-esteem than I thought.

If I was to nod, it appeared as if she would immediately evolve into a fairy, a fairy queen for sure.
 It wasn’t that I was curious about how Jung Hayeon would look as a fairy queen, but I always felt inside that my ideal type has always been Jung Hayeon.
 I thought her shedding her current appearance was something that could not happen.

I spoke immediately as soon as I organized my thoughts.
 It wasn’t a hollow talk or a lie to simply put Jung Hayeon at ease, either.
 I was absolutely sincere.

“You do not necessarily change.
 I like your current appearance the most.”

Her eyes turned big instantly.
 Although she was not showing it, she must have felt happier than she could have imagined as her lips were stretching.

“Ah… Yes!  Thank… Thank you.”

As if she found the answer that she was looking for, Jung Hayeon began to coil her body.
 It looked like she was going to evolve right away.
 Actually, as a plant sorcerer, it was definitely a negative thing should Jung Hayeon was to choose to evolve into another race.
 Of course, if she was to evolve into a fairy, she could maintain certain level of friendliness, but the difference would be significant from that of Alaune or Dryad.




As if she was feeling brief pain, she twisted her body.
 Like the spirit of flower that appears in mythology, her hair began to be slowly covered with branches and leaves.
 It was the same case over the leaves that were covering her lower body.
 It was getting bigger and the color was also turning very beautifully.

As if to fulfill Mev’s dream in her place, her overall look was transforming into a more voluptuous one.
 It looked like her waist was getting smaller while her buttocks and breasts were growing larger.

What captivated my eyes were the green light, and alluring aroma hit me hard.

Finally, after the evolution has finished, Jung Hayeon gave me a look.
 She must have known that I was curious as Jung Hayeon spoke with a gentle smile.

“It’s the flower of the life tree.”

First, it was ordinary, followed by Lapressia, and now it was the flower of the life tree.
 Just by looking at the worthiness of the kind, I felt like she had the upper hand over me.
 The appearance was notable, but even the ambience was different.
 The green skin complexion has become a bit lighter, yet was very beautiful.


Jung Hayeon’s face turned red as I spoke to her while looking at her as if I had lost my mind.
 Then out of the green branch hair came flower buds, and finally flowers began to blossom.
 They looked as if she was wearing flowers on her head.
 What was interesting was the fact that Jung Hayeon has also received a crown.

Certainly, it was different from the crown that the fairy queen Mev had.
 To be exact, what Jung Hayeon has placed on her head was a laurel wreath.
 It was a crown that appeared to have been made out of tree branches.
 However, filled with delicate light, I could tell that that item was not such a bad item.

She has gone further away from being a human than in her previous form.
 However, if there was ever a forest goddess, she must definitely have the beauty like Jung Hayeon, I thought.
 I wasn’t certain whether she was happy with her new appearance or not, but she seemed to be very happy to see my reaction as she smiled happily.


“May I ask a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Name… I want to know your name.”


This was an unanticipated question.
 She wasn’t definitely asking for the green skin name.
 Jung Hayeon has already known that I was a human.

What she was asking was surely the human name.

I didn’t know exactly what she meant by it.
 Was it to forge a relationship as humans, or grow closer to me, or it could just be that she may simply wanted to know my name.
 However, I thought whatever it was, letting her know the name was not a big deal.

As I nodded, I said to Jung Haeyon.

“It’s Kim Taesung.”

“That’s a great name.

The appearance of Jung Hayeon before me was more beautiful than any flower there was.
 Finally, having slowly moved closer to me, Jung Hayeon kissed me and I held her in my arms.

This was how we welcomed the next day.
 It was the day in which the three clans’ general meeting was to be held and the raid training was to be commenced.
 Rest was over.
 It was now time to move about more busily and diligently.

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