Chapter 124:  The Secret Store


To be honest, I wanted to have them both.
 It goes without saying that the same consideration applies even in choosing an item that could be readily used in the upcoming raid.
 If I was to choose the ring, most of my attacks could be fatal while if I was to choose the dagger, I could reliably work together with Black Spear.
 Of course, the ring has the cons as far as the probability was concerned and the dagger has the limited rate of capability increase, but it was very difficult to choose one over the other.

“Hurry, hurry and choose, my friend!”

The goblin, lacking any sense, was urging me all the while.
 Ignoring the goblin, I fell back into my thoughts.
 I was curious about what if I was able to sell the weapons that I’m currently holding to the item store.
 Although I have never tried it before, it wouldn’t hurt to ask and find out.

“Is it possible to sell the weapons that are in my possession?  I am interested in selling the voice of curse…”

Even if I was able to sell the weapons, I would never sell the ancient fire.
 The ‘voice of curse’, which had been chosen as the second best alternative, was not a bad weapon and boasts pretty good performance, but if I was to lose this opportunity, it would be hard to tell when I would have the opportunity again in the future to obtain those two items.

To me, those items were worth over 1,000,000 points.
 In other words, the opportunity was something that I couldn’t let go of, like Black Friday shopping.
 The goblin began to speak as I nervously waited for his reply.

“That weapon is possible.”

It made me wide awake.
 Unconsciously, I began to smile.
 It appears as if there were items that could be sold and other items that couldn’t be sold.
 Some cheap items couldn’t be sold, but good items like the ancient fire and voice of curse appeared to be sellable.

At this point, the most curious thing was obviously the price.
 They must be sold for at least 400,000 points in order for me to obtain both items.

“300,000 points.”

‘That bastard…’

It is ludicrous to say that the voice of curse is only worth 300,000 points.
 Clearly this item was at the top of the list.

In addition to having Agility +3 and Magic Power +2, the ability to spray de-buff to the enemy is a feature that could be widely applied.
 In fact, selling the voice of curse and purchasing the items that were in the secret store would only result in a loss of 1 in each of agility and magic power capabilities.
 Of course, if I was to consider the additional features that could be gained, there was absolutely no loss in selling the voice of curse and purchasing those two items.
 Yet, a person’s mind did not always work that way.
 It would be absurd to be offering just 300,000 points.
 Staring at the bastard, I opened my mouth.

“I can’t understand the offered price.”

“No negotiating.
 My friend.
 The voice of curse comes in a set in its original packaging.
 It looks to be in a good condition, but 300,000 points is all I can offer.”


It seemed that I could get more for it if it could be sold with its other side which was in Spider Clan’s Park Hyeri’s possession.
  If the assumption that the managers’ compensations of the item store were based on their performances was true then the bastard would certainly benefit by selling the two items after buying back the voice of curse.
  It was when I was thinking about him as a simple NPC.

“The ancient fire is 500,000 points.”

‘Son of a b****’

He was tempting me with the whispers of the devil.
 It was unbelievable to be suggesting me to sell the weapon that I used the most.
 It was not an overstatement to say that that weapon comprised about 1/3 of my power.
 He was luring me to sell the ancient fire and then purchase the sword strengthening or some other useless items with the remaining points.

Certainly, I could part with the voice of curse.
 However, the ancient fire was a different story.
 Trying to think what else could be done, I bit my lips as I spoke to him and approached it like gambling.

“Is it possible to sell other items that I have?”

That was, rather than the items that I was carrying, other items that were in my possession.
 Instead of waiting for his answer, I immediately thought about the items that I wanted.
 Instantly, many items began to appear.

Ultimately, I couldn’t help, but raise the ends of my lips.

[Item Sale]

[Ancient Fire – Sale Possible – 500,000 Points]

[The Voice of Curse – Sale Possible – 300,000 Points]




[High Power Axe of the Giant – Sale Possible – 40,000 Points]



[Sharp Spear – Sale Possible – 10,000 Points]






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[Big Glaive of the Orc – Sale Possible – 5,000 Points]

The sellable weapons, among which I have been collecting and storing in the warehouse from the time when I was a weapons dealer, began to come into my view.
 The answer to what were the most abundant resources of the Blood Dagger Clan was obviously the weapons.
 Whether it was due to my old habits or not, the last thing that the Blood Dagger Clan did at the end of a battle was collecting weapons.
 It was the same case this time around after the attack on Somora.

Even after distributing the weapons that were useful to everyone, there were plenty of items that were just lying around on the ground.

“It is possible, my friend.”

The goblin’s voice also reached my ears.

With the items of this magnitude, I might even have some points left over.
 I immediately thought of the actual number of points which I might end up with after the sale.

[The total number of points is 685,000 after selling 42 items, including the voice of curse.]


The ownership of the Blood Dagger Clan certainly belonged to me.
 As I thought, all the items without clear ownerships belonged to me.
 After picking out several items that were too good to sell, I heard a voice.

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