Attacking the dungeon or hunting a giant beast wasn’t something that the former Kim Taesung could ever do before.
 Although a small dungeon could have been penetrated somehow, hunting a giant beast as part of an attack team, in which the coordination must occur dynamically, certainly posed a high hurdle.

One, who was a priest, could make concessions and stand in the back of the formation, but swordsmen with strike power that was short of penetrating through the giant beast’s hide were useless to the extreme degree.

It was the same for raiding a midsized beast as well.
 Therefore, taking part in a raid was something that has been always dreamed of.

‘What?  You, Kim Taesung, will raid?  No, no…’

The expression on Choi Seulgi’s face, as she watched with a sigh, could not be forgotten, even today when the subject was subtly brought up.
 There was no need to even mention the jealousy that was felt of the returning guild or the attack team, carrying the giant monster from the east city, either.
 The fact that the first ever raid in my life was going to be on the beast of the east, my exhilarating response was not inappropriate at all.

Goff had a curious look on his face as he spoke after hearing me.

“You mean the preparation for battle.”

“That’s right, Goff.
 It is difficult to explain it now, but capturing the bastard is not an impossible task.
 It will be possible to capture the bastard even without incurring large casualties.”

Perhaps it was because Black Spear knew the beast of the east better than anyone that he had an obvious look on his face, which said that he wasn’t able to believe me when I declared it with certainty.

The bastard’s formal name was ‘Hydra’.
 If there was a difference between the bastard and the monster in the mythology was the fact that the bastard had three heads.
 The monster might have believed that if it was to come to Hadom, the big human city, village of Storm Shadow, it, too, could suffer major damages.
 As such, the beast hardly went out beyond the bastard’s own territory.
 The bastard was that smart and intelligent.

Even then, the bastard did not appear to have surpassed the powers of a beast, its gigantic physique was certainly threatening.

“It must be true if you say it in those terms.”


He was, perhaps, rehashing the episode of when he entered the tomb of an ancient warrior.

I smiled slightly and continued to speak.
 Although it was difficult to communicate the concept of raids, I still believed that they will do well.

“I can explain things in the future time in more detail, but for now, let me explain it in simple terms.”


“The fundamental fighting method was certainly the same.
 We will hunt the monster by categorizing the team into spearheads at the front, archers at the rear, and lastly the sorcerers who would support the two aforementioned individuals.”

“Goff would take the leadership of the front line, made up of the spearheads.”

His face brightened as I spoke.
 He must have felt very good about it.
 Being called a spearhead must always excite the Green Skins.

“So, charging at the front, the task is to break the beast’s neck… isn’t that a very simple proposition?”

Of course, I anticipated that he would approach it in such a way.

“It’s similar, but that’s not it.
 Goff, your task is not to kill the enemies from the front line, but to protect other tribe members and your brothers.”


It was a simple statement.
 Hoping that he would understand, I subtly looked at Goff, but he had a confused expression on his face.

“That’s… Then am I not burdening you guys.
 The Blood Dagger Clan, the Goff Clan and the Black Spear Clan are all strong.
 The ones that need protections are only the newbies of Black Spear and the little Green Skins.”

I felt like it was getting more difficult.
 He wasn’t able to understand the task of providing protection from the front of the line.
 For some reason, I had to swallow my dry mouth as I felt that it would take much longer time.
 Then it was Black Spear who helped me.
 For some reason, by having the unit at the back of the formation, he must have clearly understood what I was getting at.

“I don’t think Blood Dagger is saying that.
 If you think about the battles fought in the human village, you could see it.
 The warriors who were defending the path of human sorcerers and archers who were attacking from the distance… Goff, if you had not penetrated from the back, they would have clashed with the human warrior first.
 In the mean time, the human sorcerers would move to a different location…”

It was much clearer explanation than mine.
 Although I knew that I lacked the ability to clearly communicate, it was a bit embarrassing to be falling behind Black Spear in that regard.

“Hm… That’s right.”

Goff, too, must have clearly understood what Black Spear was getting at.
 He was nodding, with his expression having been brightened.

“To give a simple example, if the goblin archers were to defend against attacks, there would clearly be a lot of casualties.
 So, in order to avoid being attacked, being able to move fast alone is not sufficient.
 In order to hunt down the beast of the east, the attack must take effect without stoppage.
 So, take the hits in their place.
 Ogres would definitely withstand any attacks that goblins fear.”

“If Goff and several Ogres can provide defense in a way that the attacks cannot reach the archers, the archers can effectively launch attacks, nonstop.
 This is the most important aspect.”

“I see!”

I was concerned about dissatisfaction that he might feel in protecting by possibly suppressing the beastly nature.
 However, looking at Goff, I was able to not worry about it.


Fortunately, it might have fit well with Goff’s nature.
 Since I was feeling a little good about it too, I spoke again as I looked at Goff.

“And, the sorcerers will continue to release the healing waves to treat the injured Ogres.
 In this way, we can conserve the magic power used on the sorcerers and archers.
 If Goff can defend well from the front of the line, I and the swordsmen will not have the need to receive the healing waves, either.”


It was a very fundamental concept of a raid.

“If it is as you said, then the facing the most dangers will be me…”

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