In other words, we’ve touched on the royal wrath of the garbages.
 That is, we’ve completely destroyed the bastards’ garbage cans.
 It would not have mattered to those that did not have any garbage to toss out, but those that had mountains of garbages to toss would certainly be sharpening their swords to use against us.
 Although our current force was not that bad, defending against the united humans will definitely push us to the limit.

 Of course.”

Neither Black Spear, nor Goff proclaimed their reputations here.
 There wasn’t any such a fool among those of us who were in this meeting.
 Thankfully, everyone seemed to understand the situation.

“Then the swamp region in the east is also not a possible choice.
 Also, the northern city that is home to the largest population of humans is also impossible.”

“What remains… are east and south only…”

“That’s right Goff.”


“Of the two, the west has too many swamps that we cannot reside there.”

“Then we are left with the east.”

“That’s right.”

I swallowed my dry mouth.
 It appeared Goff did not seem to know it, but Black Spear looked to know it.
 I, too, did not know it, of course, but as I have heard about it in the past, I had no choice, but to subtly look in Black Spear’s direction.

“Blood Dagger, you look like you might have heard about it from somewhere before.”

“The beast in the east”

Black Spear nodded his head as I opened my mouth.
 As it was obvious, what the crowd and humans call beasts also evolve.
 Although whether to refer the giant wolf as a beast or not wasn’t decided, it was same as they them evolving.

Whether these bastards have lived here all along, or going through the same process like us or not, one thing that was certain was that those bastards were getting stronger and stronger.

The beast in the east was a giant beast that made much noise 2 years prior to my death.
 I had heard that the humans of the big city of Hadom had captured the bastard, after successfully attacks, but there weren’t that many casualties due to thorough preparations.

Although it was hard to believe that there weren’t many casualties while hunting the huge beast on face value, that was, however, Hadom’s position.

While the summoners of this place considered the accomplishments to be important, the guilds that had much to lose had a different story.
 Attacking this kind of huge beast certainly required much time and preparation, unlike attacking dungeons.
 As the story went, it would take 5 more years from the time, in order to capture the beast, so it was certainly a beast that required incredible amount of efforts in launching attacks.

That was, the east swamp was his domain.
 The size was also quite big… I mean since the bastard was incredibly huge, if it was the living place for the bastard, it would certainly be sufficient to be a home for us.

“It does not seem bad… But, I am concerned that we may sustain much damage as well…”

It was appropriate to be concerned, I thought.
 A terrible thought came to me, as I thought about a situation where the green skins were trying to capture a monster.
 They were certainly be screaming out loud about their reputation and run after it all together at once… It was possible to get incinerated on the first breath, regardless of whether one was a sorcerer or an archer.

“The beast in the east… Interesting.”

“Is that so…”

Black Spear looked concerned a bit, while Goff showed his canines as if he was anticipating something.

‘Will it be possible?’

I was left to be concerned.
 I roughly knew about the attack strategy.
 The ‘humans’ are the best fit for raids to begin with in this world.

Warrior and holy person, sorcerer, archer, holy knight, squire, ranger, and so many professionals move as a single team.
 Although it was funny to say it, the experience of the games I had played on earth would also positively apply here as well.

In other words, they knew well, of a method, on how to hunt a huge monster.
 They rehearsed and put in efforts as much.
 Hunting a beast was also considered to be a pride and objective for certain clans.
 It showed how difficult it was.
 So, I was left with no other option, but to be concerned.
 I, too, was armed with principle only, without experience, and although raid and battle appear to be similar, they were completely different in concept.

‘Will it be possible…’

After thinking for a little bit, I decided it was impossible for now.

However, that was only for now.

We, the green skins, did not know of the concept, but thought that possibility was there as much as for the humans.

Ogres would lead Agar by taking the role of warrior and tanker, Blood Dagger swordsmen would take the role of bandits and close contact fighters in support of the warriors and creating havoc for the monsters, Black Spear and Mev’s archers would take the role of remote attackers, what we lack as healer… Baek Ahyeon would take the place.
 Although the number of sorcerers was definitely insufficient, with Jung Hayeon and magicians, we could certainly form a defined team.

I thought it was doable as I kept thinking.

It was, of course, not appropriate to be comparing humans’ main tanker and Goff.
 Of course, the warrior who would go against the main tanker of the huge beast might be stronger than Goff.

However, Goff had the fitting physique with which he could protect the team members.
 If there appeared a human who had the similar body size as Goff’s, then irrespective of the potential, they would have done anything to grow the bastard.

Furthermore, how was Black Spear.
 If there were enough quantity of black spears which he throws, they would be even more powerful than the remote attacks by the archers.
 There were even clans who carried huge ballista, in order to hunt the huge monster.
 However, having Black Spear, we wouldn’t particularly require ballista.

The strength was in having no fear of death, the weakness was in the fact that we couldn’t make sophisticated plays, like the humans.
 I turned to Goff and Black Spear who were thinking intensely.

“It could be possible… Although it will need some level of preparations…”

Running around and raiding in monster’s body, interestingly, the one whose heart was pounding was Kim Taesung’s, rather than Blood Dagger’s.

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