as useful as much as possible, similar to having kept Jeongsoo Yoon, who was barely kept alive for likely having connections to the hunter dog clan and the spider clan, and by doing so, there appeared to have been possibilities of penetrating deeper into the other cities in the east and the murderers clan.

‘A city has been totally obliterated.’

Just from a pure logic, there was no way the humans would just take it in the chin.
 The situation called for coiling back and growing stronger.
 It was better to mobilize cautiously, rather than moving in hurry.

The second issue was Baek Ahyeon.
 Although I wanted to keep her in the village, as her true worth could be more valuable inside the humans’ city, it was crucial to send her out to the city as soon as possible.
 The problem, if there was one, was the fact that her identity might have been compromised with the total obliteration of Somora.
 Of course, if there weren’t any survivors, she would not be compromised, but even if that wasn’t the case, it was highly possible for them to formally think that the holy woman of the west was ‘dead’.

It was a better choice to completely forego the name of the holy girl of the west.
 Although there was some spare time as what moves to make next haven’t been decided yet, it was certainly true that Baek Ahyeon would soon need to go back in to the city.

The final remaining thing was certainly power upgrade, by strengthening the clan with new items or military units.
 The size of this tribal alliance was surely not small.
 On the contrary, it was quite big.
 In fact, if the clan has been a mercenary unit up to now, it wasn’t an overstatement to describe the current shape as a military force.

Certainly, it seemed prudent to form new forces or military units.
 There was a value in immediately undertaking it.
 Mev and the women of the tribe have provided very good hints.

As it was not possible to do this without the help of Goff, I immediately went to Goff’s tent.
 The goblin children were playing early in the yard, and I nonchalantly said hellos to those goblins as I continued my walk.

“Blood!  Dagger Clan would have an after-party!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

I wasn’t sure how these rumors were known even to the little children as so much was being expected.
 If Mev and I fail at this, I thought that the tribal members would be very disappointed.

At any rate, after some more time of walking, I soon saw Goff’s tent.
 Other Ogres said hellos to me, and after returning the hellos, I was able to enter Goff’s tent, right away.
 Perhaps, he wasn’t awake yet as the sight of him snoring in his sleep came in to my view.



As it wasn’t an urgent matter, I sort of scanned inside the tent, looking at the weapons.
 Then Goff must have felt my presence as he woke up, widely opening his mouth.

“Blood Dagger…..
 What’s going on, this early.”

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